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I have been a customer for years now. Not only do I get my veggies and fruits but meat and groceries as well. I am a big time online shopper, and hence it is no surprise that I preferred to ditch the time-consuming ritual of shopping at the neighborhood kirana or vegetable market. I do that too but rarely these days.

Shopping is simple

Register your account. Create your profile and begin your online grocery shopping. Add items to your cart. Then choose the time slot available. There are 4 time slots that are available for delivery starting from 7 am till 10 pm at night. They are quite punctual in maintaining the delivery time slots. After checking out your items, you can pay using Food coupons, debit or credit cards, Netbanking or Cash on Delivery. The website is very simple to maneuver around and user friendly.

Big basket

Based on my experience, here is my review of their services:

The pros of shopping with

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Shop for groceries, fruits and vegetables online with

Excellent quality products: Most of us worry about buying packaged vegetables and meat. With, I have seen that the quality of fruits and vegetables is generally good. They are also thoughtfully packaged in zip-locks and plastic trays. The groceries are all well packaged as well and of high quality.

Excellent Return policy: You can return any item that you find to be of substandard quality or not fresh. I have done it umpteen times with no questions asked. Any item that is not upto mark is taken back. They once even reimbursed me for an item that I later found to be not fresh. This is very important as all of us want to be assured of the freshness and quality of perishables that we buy.

Customer service: has the most amazing Customer Service. Your queries via email or phone are immediately addressed. They also send email and SMS at the time of booking the order and delivery.

Intuitive: has probably the largest and widest range of fruits and vegetables including the exotic and difficult-to-find ones as well on the website. They regularly seek suggestions on inclusions from customers. As I cook Chinese, Italian, Mexican and other cuisines regularly, this is a great feature. They also regularly add more offerings to their bouquet like they have introduced a fresh-baked range of breads and cakes recently. A pet store is on the anvil as well.

Save time, energy and money: The fact that you can order your groceries online and have them delivered within a day is a very big boon for most of us short-on-time city dwellers. All orders above Rs. 1000 are shipped free of cost. Orders below Rs. 1000 are charged Rs. 20 as shipping fee. You often get good offers, deals and discounts that help you save more. They also have smart features like My Shopping List and Smart Basket that help you add items that you have frequently purchased to your cart. This saves time in shopping. Now they have Smartphone Apps that help you order on the go.

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Friendly staff: The staff that delivers the items is friendly and helpful. They go through the list with you to ensure that no items are missing from the orders delivered. They always work with a smile and are polite.

Hence, you can see that is not only concentrating on good quality products but good service as well.

The cons of shopping with

High price: Of late, I have noticed that some fruits and vegetable prices and especially the grains and dals are priced slightly higher than your neighborhood kirana store, supermarket or vegetable vendor. This needs to be checked in the long run.

Plastic packaging: All the plastic trays and plastic packaging are a drain on our environment. They do take the trays back for reuse or recycling but most times they just break and are not reusable. It would be better if they could use brown paper or newspaper bags for packing.

Package size: For some items, I would prefer smaller pack sizes like 100 gm. For eg. Curry leaves and coriander leaves often come in 250 gm. packs. Most of this dries off and rots. I wish they would provide smaller packs for herbs and vegetables.

Overall, is a customer friendly online supermarket for groceries, fruits and vegetables. I buy from them regularly and would recommend others to do so as well.

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