10 Best Monsoon Recipes | Easy Monsoon Recipes

by Rachna

The arrival of monsoon is looked forward to every year. Not only is the parched earth looking for some relief, but we its inhabitants love the pitter patter of raindrops. Doesn’t the world look super clean and glossy when it rains? And then when it rains, food cannot be far behind.

From the charcoal roasted bhutta or corn on the cob to pakoda with adrak chai, the list of monsoon delicacies is endless. It is also super delectable. Here are 10 best monsoon recipes from my arsenal:

1.Onion Pakoda

easy monsoon recipes

Pakoda or fritters have to be on the top of the list of easy monsoon recipes. Batter coated veggies turn into crunchy fritters and delight even the fussiest of people.

You can try my simple onion pakora recipe and use the same batter to coat other veggies like chillies, cauliflower, potato, spinach, mushroom and whatever else catches your fancy.

2. Sweet Potato Chaat

easy monsoon recipes

I dig this easy chaat. Made with boiled sweet potatoes that is chopped into cubes and then spiced with chaat masala, salt, red chilli powder and lemon juice, this is simple yet so tasty. Do try it. You can make the same with boiled potatoes or plantains.

3. Pani puri

easy monsoon recipes

This chatpata chaat or street food is truly tasty and a treat. I always make it at home and we sometimes have it for dinner. Try my easy pani puri recipe.

4. Bhel Puri

Another one to satisfy your tangy taste buds. This bhel puri is healthy, filling and pretty nutritious. It is simple to make too. Here is my recipe of bhel puri.

5. Samosa

Very few things can go wrong with samosa. But due to its Calories, we often resist from indulging in this delicacy. Here is my samosa recipe that is flaky and tasty which you can easily make in airfryer or bake in an oven. Enjoy it with a hot cup of chai.

6. Horsegram soup

This kollu soup or horsegram soup is light, high on protein and tasty. This is perfect to fight sniffles and is a light soup or appetizer. I generally add a bit of boiled rice and eat it as an evening snack.

7. Corn salsa

When you get fresh corn, make this lipsmacking and healthy corn salsa. It is fresh and super healthy. Works every single time when you are craving something spicy and tangy.

8. Sweet Corn Vegetable soup

I love this sweet corn veg soup for its soothing flavours and delightful taste. With sweet corn in season, this is a perfect soup to have when it rains.

9. Mirchi bhajiyas

I cannot tell how delicious these mirchi bajjis are. Straight from the streets of Hyderabad, these are truly sinful. Mirchi bhajiyas are one of my favourite monsoon recipes.

10. KFC-style Chicken Drumsticks

Everyone loves fried chicken. My kids love it. And I use my airfryer to make these KFC style chicken drumsticks. They are perfectly fried and succulent and at a fraction of calories of the fried thing. Do try this recipe.

Hope you enjoyed these easy monsoon recipes. I do hope that you will try them when it rains. Do share with me your favourite monsoon recipes.

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Esha M Dutta -

Ah! Mouthwatering recipes, Rachna! I’m going to try out the horsegram soup, Mirchi Bhajiyas and the KFC style drumsticks for sure!

Unishta -

Most of these are my favourites though Horsegram soup is something new. Must try it though. I love soups and it is raining cats and dogs so perhaps I should make this now.

Shalini R -

Great collection of monsoon recipes! Pakodas are my favorite during rains 🙂
Thanks for participating in the Words Matter blog hop. Hope you have fun 🙂

Leo -

I love the first five, and the sweet corn soup of course is an all-weather favorite 🙂 Yumm.

Obsessivemom -

Now this is the kind of post I love. Such scrumptious pictures Rachna. I’ve never tried sweet potato chaat. In fact I’ve never cooked sweet potato at all. That goes on my list of things to try out.

Kala Ravi -

OMG, I am so craving something…anything from the buffet you’ve laid Rachna! Monsoon sure sets off the taste buds on a crazy rampage. I am definitely trying the sweet potato chat, mini samosas and the corn chaat!

Anamika Agnihotri -

On a rainy day like today, reading your list of monsoon recipes has given me craving. I bought a fresh packet of besan yesterday and despite my (not-so-much) cooking abilities, I am thinking of trying making pakodas today. As it is, there has been much talk about pakodas in the #WordsMatter bloghop.

Soumya -

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum! That’s 10 I hope 🙂

I only love the rains when I’m at home watching it from my balcony with a cup of tea and a snack by my side! These snacks look so delicious that I’m hoping it rains this evening :). I have some sweet potato at home and I can make that chaat today!

Rajlakshmi -

Oh you are killing me. All these delicacies and photos… and all my favorite. Need some pani puri right now!

Nabanita Dhar -

All this is making me hungry. The Bhajjis and the drumsticks. Uff your pictures are making me dream, Rachna 🙂

Keerthi Vydyula -

Though I am mad about Pani puri, during rainy season I try to stay away from the street vendors who sell pani puri. My mom makes at home sometime though. Apart from that mirchi bajji’s and samosa eating never tends to take a set back no matter the season!

Corinne Rodrigues -

I’m reading this at 11 pm and salivating! I’m going to give the corn salsa and the sweet potato chaat a try.
Thanks for sharing, Rachna. I hope you’re joining us for the next Blog Hop.

Rachna -

Thank you, Corinne. I would have loved to join but I am traveling on those dates and will have barely any access to internet.

Corinne Rodrigues -

I understand. You can schedule if you like, though! Have a good trip, either way!

Rachna -

Okay, I signed up. Will schedule and I guess will catch up on the reading later. Thanks.

Parul -

Every time I am here, I am drooling over the pictures and food you show. :/ Bhook lag gai.
I haven’t heard about the horsegram soup. That I need to find out more about and look up your recipe. I am looking forward to your drool worthy post in the October edition, Rachna. Like Corinne said, you can always schedule. <3 See you soon!

Rachna -

Thanks Parul. Signed up. Now I have to write it quickly and schedule it before I leave. 🙂


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