10 Common Air fryer Mistakes that You Can Avoid

by Rachna
common air fryer mistakes

I have owned and regularly used an Air  fryer since the past 5 years. Not only that even my siblings own one thanks to me. I must tell you that when I bought my Philips Air fryer 5 years ago, the huge attraction was having fried foods like French fries, fried chicken, samosas etc. at a fraction of Calories. But since then I have experimented and used my Air fryer for so many amazing recipes that it has been quite a revelation. At the same time, I have recognized the mistakes which a lot of rookie Air fryer users make.

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Here are some common Air fryer mistakes:

1. Forgetting to Pre-heat your Air fryer:

Just like an oven, your Air fryer must always be pre-heated to be at an optimum temperature to cook and give you the best results.

Be sure that account for pre-heating before you put the actual food in.

2. Not using enough oil or fat in your recipes:

Your Air fryer helps you cut back on the oil you need to make crispy, delicious and slimmer versions of your deep-fried foods. But you still need to use some oil to facilitate the cooking process. Typically you require about 1-2 tsp. of oil for roasting veggies to about 1-2 tbsp. of oil for breaded or crumbed recipes. You can use a cooking oil spray or brush with oil to ensure that the airfried food has adequate oil to facilitate cooking.

3. Using excessive oil:

Don’t use excessive oil either so that it makes a mess by dripping all over the place and you will end up with soggy food. Also account for the fat in chicken etc. that you are using. Closely follow tested recipes to know the right amount of oil to use for getting the perfect texture and cooking of food.

4.   Overcrowding your Air fryer:

You can invest in a larger Air fryer in case you have a big family. But always put only one layer of food for items like breaded items or airfried veggies. This is because the hot air needs to circulate all around the food to cook it evenly and uniformly. If you crowd your Air fryer, some food will be undercooked and other will be over done. Cook in batches to avoid this common mistake.

5. Not Cleaning Your Air fryer After Each Use:

Perhaps you are short on time or your Air fryer looks relatively clean so you skip cleaning it. This can cause your Air fryer basket to have sticky deposits that can interfere with the taste and smell of food when you use it the next time. Using liquid soap and warm water to soak and clean works perfectly every time. You could use vinegar or baking soda for tougher stains and keeping your Air fryer odour free.

6. Not Using Air fryer for Reheating:

Leftover pizzas or cold fries are best reheated in an Air fryer giving you results very close to the original food. Don’t use microwave which gives you soggier and overcooked results when reheating.

7. Not Checking on food Food during Air frying:

It is a good idea to check in once every few minutes to see how your food is doing. You need to shake around your fries, roasted veggies etc. once in the middle of cooking time. You may need to turn your food around so that it cooks evenly on all sides. Please make sure to check on the food that is cooking and don’t just forget your Airfryer after loading it with food.

8. Not Using it for Baking:

Desserts like cakes, cookies and other oven baked goodies turn out perfectly in the Air fryer. You can buy specific Air fryer attachments. I use my Borosil bowls for making quick cakes. You can use your regular ramekins and silicone moulds in the Air fryer to make quicker individual servings. You are also saving electricity because an oven takes longer and uses much more electricity than an Air fryer. Try making donuts in Air fryer too.

9. Using Runny Batters

I made this mistake when I made pakodas or veggie fritters for the first time in the Air fryer. The runny batter dripped down and made all kinds of mess with the food. Now I know better. You have to make a thick batter which sticks to the food you are cooking in the Air fryer. The same applies to breaded foods. Use the conventional flour, egg and bread method to make your fried chicken and seafood dishes. Don’t forget to spray with oil for the perfect fried look and texture. Also using parchment paper at the base of the Air fryer helps catch crumbs etc. that make cleaning a breeze later.

10. Keeping your Air Fryer in an area with bad ventilation:

To function optimally, your Air fryer needs to have enough room on all sides for air to move in and out. Hence keep it in a open space on the counter. It can overheat and stop functioning if you keep it in an enclosed space.

Here are some of my delicious Air fryer recipes that you can try.

Take care of these mistakes and enjoy cooking healthy in your Air fryer for years.

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Shantala -

I have been using an Air Fryer for ages. And yet, it took me too long (read: an entire year) to figure out that I could just put parchment paper to catch crumbs! It has saved me so much time and energy while cleaning,

Damyanti -

Good tips!

Rachna -

Thanks Damyanti


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