A foodie weekend!

A foodie weekend!

Yeah, we have been stuffing ourselves right through Saturday and Sunday. The good part is that all the cooking was done at home :). We went vegetable shopping yesterday and got some really fresh fare. Saturday morning began with aloo parathas served with curd, yummy ! For once, I was generous with the oil. For dinner, I made the kiddie favorite of KFC style chicken strips which are baked in the oven and also made two versions of pasta: the veggie and the chicken ones. My mil is a vegetarian, hence so. The kids loved both. Actually three versions of pasta because I had left out the pepper – chilly mix for the kiddie version :).

Sunday morning began with my pav bhaji which was pretty spicy and tangy. And, the afternoon was spiced by Gurdev’s homemade Chinese gravy served with rice which was once again done in veggie and chicken versions. I think evening must be kept real simple because we really have been hogging through the weekend and would prefer a simple end to the weekend.

It surely was fun cooking together !

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