Chicken momos — a great snack

Chicken momos — a great snack

Last evening, we had chicken momos at home. Momos are a Tibetan dish and really simple to make. Before I tell you the recipe, let me first say that my husband, Gurdev, makes the yummiest momos. This is, essentially, his recipe. He makes it real well and always cribs that I don’t praise his cooking enough. So here is the kudos to him :).

Chicken Momos (Serves 4)


For the outer cover
250 gm. plain flour (maida)
a little vegetable oil
salt to taste
Knead the above to a stiff dough and keep aside. Roll out into thin rounds like rotis. Cut each round into 4 parts.

For the filling
250 gms boiled and minced chicken
1 green bell pepper (capsicum)
1 large onion finely chopped
1/2 tsp. finely chopped ginger and garlic
1 green chilly finely chopped
1 tsp. soy sauce
salt to taste


Just mix together all the ingredients of the filling. Taste to adjust seasoning. You could add other veggies like grated carrots, cabbage etc. as per your taste. Vegetarians could use minced cottage cheese (paneer) instead of chicken. The filling should be very dry.
Now, fill into the cover and press the folds to seal. Steam them in a steamer on the gas stove. A steel steamer does as well as a bamboo one. Leave adequate space between individual momos as they expand while they are steamed. Steam for 15-20 minutes till the outer cover is cooked. Voila! Serve with hot chilly-garlic sauce or even plain ketchup. Tastes yummy, easy to make and gets ready in a jiffy! Enjoy!

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23 thoughts on “Chicken momos — a great snack

  1. 🙂 luckily we have a momo shop at our company:) which serves not only veg and Chicken momos but also Yummy Chocolate momos:)Thanks for sharing the recipeBhupesh

  2. @Bhupesh That’s really nice. I wouldn’t mind eating them regularly. Chocolate momos — I’m not sure; I’d rather have donuts dipped in chocolate sauce — yummy :).@Bikramjit They are pretty commonly available in India. I’m not sure about the UK though.

  3. @Tomz Well, you must try. You get them very commonly in Bangalore.@bbsearchingself Yeah, the veggie version is good too, the filling tastes like the one they use in Chinese spring rolls, isn’t it?@Destiny’s child Maybe, those were too authentic in taste. The ones we get here are quite spicy, just perfect for our taste :).@Dr. Antony Conceptually, yes! But, these ones are not fried, which is a big plus in their favor.

  4. @Shiju Thanks for visiting my blog. You must not fry them because they are good and healthy this way. If you fry them, they become something like spring rolls :).@Ramesh Thank you! I will let you know in case I get some good news :).@Agnes Yes, I am sure there is one if you look for it.

  5. momos always bring back memories of times as a student in Pune.. after a grueling days work, would rush to the market behind the hospital for a plate of momos :)And u definitely need chilly tomato sauce for the ultimate finger-licking taste 😀

    1. absolutely — you need that chilly sauce. We make it at home now. Hubby does a great job of making these :). I’ve lived in Pune too for some time. Which area had these momo stalls that you are talking of?

    2. I used to study in Bharati Vidyapeeth, Dhankawadi… behind the college campus is this sprawling ‘back market’ filled with buildings with all forms of tasty food options from vada pavs,cad-b, momos, pani puris 🙂 Used to be filled with all the students of various college sections till late at night !!

    3. Bharati Vidyapeeth is it? Pune is filled with colleges. I haven’t studied there. I did most of my studies in Mumbai. And the areas around all colleges are the same with the same delectable stuff that all lukkha college students on shoe-string budgets thrive on :).

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