My love affair with food!

My love affair with food!

Those who know me know my passion for food, health, fitness and nutrition. I cook reasonably well. More than that I love understanding how wellness is related to food. Our health is linked to the nutrition we get from our food. And in my quest to understand wholesome living, I have been reading a lot about food. I understand and appreciate the importance of cooking with love. I like planning the meals I prepare for my family. And these days, I am venturing into trying new things.

So, in this journey of mine, I want to share with you my experiments with cooking, health tips that I have gleaned, fitness as I practice it, recipes and other food-related fun things. I am not a trained chef or a good photographer but someone who loves working instinctively with ingredients and foods at her disposal. My mother continues to be my inspiration in cooking with the massive repertoire that she possessed. It was incredible how she could glean recipes from aunties that held them close to their chests. And also maintain the authenticity of regional cuisine. My stay in the countries across the world has exposed me to global cuisines and also helped in learning and appreciating varied styles. I am essentially a vegetarian who indulges in sea food once in a while. Though I cook chicken for my family.

I experiment and cook many cuisines including the many cuisines of India. My partners in crime are my husband and my two sons. Needless to say that they enjoy eating which works as a motivator for me to try new and different things, not always successful I must admit. And these summer holidays, I did many new things cooking wise. I ventured into pickle making for the first time. I made red chilly pickle the way I remembered my mom making it. And I made two varieties of mango pickle that I am thrilled to inform have turned out well. I also made bread for the first time and marmalade as well as an inspiration from Sangeeta Khanna’s fabulous food blogs.

So, here’s to cooking, to eating and enjoying nutritious food and to good health! I look forward to having you on this journey together!

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30 thoughts on “My love affair with food!

    1. Thanks so much, Alka :). Cooking is something I really enjoy so why not have a separate blog for it. Some day the kids just might like the documenting of all my recipes here.

    1. Thanks DC! Happy to hear that. You guessed it right. I think the rants will outnumber everything else. I am also planning to import some of my foodie posts from the other blog here.

    1. Thanks so much Divya! I did so little work on it till now. Hopefully will keep modifying as we go along. Though I do like the theme a lot :).

  1. You are versatile doing many things with aplomb.Will follow this blog for drooling now and then as I am old for cooking!

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