SmartEats Healthy Snacks – A review!

SmartEats Healthy Snacks – A review!

You know that time around 11 am or 4 pm is when I am most tempted to pick up some sinfully oily snack. Though, I am generally looking for a light meal at those times. And something tasty and healthy is on my mind, but the choices are really restricted. Mostly, I make do with cereal, fruit, or nuts. But there are times, when all of us crave our namkeens and mithais. So, when I first heard about SmartEats’ initiative about healthy snacks, I was raring to try them out. It is not as if I have not seen ’healthy’ snacks in the market before. But reading their nutritional labels reveals the real truth. I would rather snack on cream biscuits knowingly than eat those ‘healthy’ biscuits with hidden fats and maida.

And what tipped the scales for me is the fact that they have a nutritionist on board to help. Their philosophy about cooking with natural ingredients is what I wholeheartedly endorse. Hence, this range ought to be healthy and tasty for sure. So, I signed up to review SmartEats. Glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed!


The package arrived in a nice cardboard box, neatly labeled. Inside were 6 packs that comprised:


Fruity Granola bars: These are individually wrapped which are great for convenience. I loved the taste and so did the kids. These are definitely less sweeter and taste fresher than the other bars that I have tasted in the market. They have a nice taste of coconut as well as dates.

Honey cinnamon almonds: There were the yummiest of the lot. Very difficult to stop at 5-6 nuts, the taste of honey and cinnamon really works for almonds. A fabulous snack anytime. The only problem; what is one serving here?

Walnut brownie biscotti: These were again delicious though a bit hard and crumbly. But then biscotti are supposed to be that way. Go great with tea or coffee.

Baked namkeen mix of lentils and groundnuts: As I love namkeen more than sweet snacks, this was my favorite of the lot. It is quite filling and tastes  good too. You can instantly notice that it is not fried, as it leaves no oil in your hands. Have it by itself or with chopped veggies.

Fruity cashew Carribean cookies:  These were rich in taste with a lovely vanilla flavor and whole cashews that are delightfully chewy. Kids really enjoyed this one. Way better than any cookies that I’ve tasted. Is it because they used whole wheat flour instead of maida?

A small packed of Infusion tea: This looks nice but I haven’t tried it as yet.

The pluses:

  • Each pack comes with detailed nutritional information which is really good, as you know exactly what you are consuming.
  • All these snacks are made with natural ingredients with no additives. They are fresh, and that reflects in the taste too.
  • The individual wrappings and ziplocks make the snacks easy to store as well as carry along.
  • Each snack is tasty. It can be seen that in the quest for keeping them healthy, the taste has not been compromised.
  • You can order online and they ship it free of cost to your home!

What can be made better?

  • In my opinion, each serving must be individually packed. This is because it is very easy to go overboard when eating nuts or namkeen. How does one know where to stop? Also the nutritional information at the back of the pack must be for one serving. So that the consumer knows exactly what is going in with each serving.
  • The website says that a pre-determined box of snacks will be sent to you. I think, customization as per individual preferences must be allowed because not everyone may like everything in the pack.
  • There must be an option to try out small sample packs as well.

Final verdict!

Did I like the box? I Loved it! Will I buy it again? Yes, most definitely! It helped that everyone in the family enjoyed it. I think it would make for a good gift as well. I think, it is a lovely concept and something that is much needed in the Indian market with our unhealthy packaged snacks and junk foods. Each box with 20-25 servings spread over 5 packs is priced at an affordable Rs. 399 with free shipping!

Find out more about their extensive range of snacks and healthy eats on their website.

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18 thoughts on “SmartEats Healthy Snacks – A review!

  1. If Sangeeta Khanna is on board, the stuff must surely be good. I’m eager to try these snacks too. Lets see how long it takes for them to come to my little town.

    1. Bingo Dagny…Sangeeta is our recipe scientist and our philosophy matches so well that it is awesome 😀 . We are working out a Pan India delivery partner agreement and hopefull soon be able to distribute everywhere. Till then we are taking special requests on mail and shipping to other cities.

      Avni Garg

  2. I really did think I should order this… but the non customizable thing is what did not work with me. I do not like any sweets, so what works for me would be only the baked namkeen sort of stuff.

    1. I agree, JustAgirl! I think they must look into allowing people to buy things of their choice. Like you, I prefer namkeen over mithais as well. Thanks for reading!

    2. Totally agree with you JustAgirl 😀 . Go ahead and place an order and we’ll call you to customize your box 🙂

      Very soon we plan to launch personalization on our site using which you can rate every snack as Love, Like, Try, Skip and your box will be customized everytime based on your preferences. How well do you think it will work?

      Avni Garg

  3. Just ordered one 🙂
    I was always worried with the amount of maida my kids were consuming through the biscuits and they did not like the taste of the healthier ones. This looks like a much better option. Thanks Rachna

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