Healthy children make happy homes

Healthy children make happy homes


It has been among the wettest Octobers in my recent memory. As the skies pour their hearts out and nature accepts the bounty with grace, we also see an ugly side to this cold and wet weather. That is in the unleashing of diseases. The old, the frail and the children are the most vulnerable. It is that time of the year when the woolens come out along with the umbrellas. It is also time for ginger tea, rasam and hot soups. However, sometimes this still is not enough as kids fall sick almost like nine pins.

One of the most painful sights for me is to see my otherwise boisterous children suffering and unwell. No matter how much I rant about their mischief, I don’t like to see them in bed, down with cold, cough or fever that this season invariably brings. Children these days are really vulnerable to falling sick. I live in Bangalore with my family, and the city can be terrible for people with respiratory allergies. I suffered a great deal when I came to stay here initially. Yoga helped me strengthen my respiratory system and increase my immunity. That helped me cope better with seasonal allergies.

Nevertheless, when my elder son who was just a toddler then started experiencing the same allergies, I was worried. The monsoons and winters, which were pollen seasons, were particularly harsh for him. He was troubled with sneezing fits, itching and watery eyes and runny nose almost on a daily basis. The normal medicines did not help much as they did nothing to cure the problem. All that they did was alleviating the symptoms somewhat. But they came back quickly enough. The little child would be perpetually cranky and suffering. I was at my wit’s end having already tried all the medication. Then someone suggested natural, herbal remedies.

We turn to the kitchen and home remedies when most other things fail. And I thought of doing the same. I started working on building his immunity. Therefore, he started having warm turmeric milk in the evenings. I also started him on Chyawanprash every evening with warm milk. Chyawanprash was a regular in my own home in my childhood. Each of the siblings had it through our childhood to keep us healthy. Thus, I continued that tradition. I also increased his intake of fruits and vegetables. Slowly but surely, he started showing improvements. His allergies grew less intense and his immunity became better.

I can’t tell you how happy that made me as a parent. To see a smiling, happy and healthy child is the greatest blessing for any family. Today my elder son is almost 12 and I continue the same regimen as the weather starts getting cooler year after year. Now my younger son also regularly has Chyawanprash along with balanced food. For common coughs and colds, I prefer using home remedies like steaming, warm fluids and Ayurvedic medicines. I have noticed that these help them fight infections better and set them up with better immunity.

So how do you keep your children healthy during winters?

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  1. You said we turn to kitchen and home remedies when most of the other things (like regular medication) fails. Instead it should be just the opposite. Whenever you have a health problem, first try the kitchen remedies as a rule of thumb. I also have a really bad allergic problem. Every morning I wake up with a runny nose and end up with a sneezing spree. I’m trying turmeric these days. Hopefully it’ll help.

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