Sprouts salad

Sprouts salad

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Sprouts are wonder foods blessed with nature’s goodness. They are a rich source of protein, anti-oxidants and minerals. They are also low on calories and hence make for an ideal snack anytime. You can sprout legumes, grains and seeds. You do increase the nutritional value of grains and in general anything that you sprout. Hence many people sprout their wheat before grinding it to make flour. I regularly use chickpea sprouts in my curries. Always remember to wash the sprouts very well before consuming especially if you are having them raw. If you eat them cooked, make sure to do minimal cooking as that retains the nutrients in them. Raw or cooked, they are a tasty addition to your meals. Here is the recipe of a simple sprouts salad that you can rustle up in a jiffy. I normally keep chana and moong ( black gram and green gram) sprouts at home. Here is a simple recipe. It is very versatile in that you can use just about any sprouts you have at home.

sprout salad


A cup of mixed sprouts ( green gram, black gram, chickpeas)

1/2 cup sweet corn

Finely chopped tomatoes (1), onion (1 small), green chillies (1) and coriander leaves

1 tsp. chat masala

1/2 tsp. black salt

1 tsp. butter

1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

Some lime juice

Salt to taste


Lightly steam or microwave the sprouts and sweet corn. Mix them in a bowl. Add the chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies and coriander leaves. Add in chat masala, black salt, pepper and melted butter. Mix well. Add lime juice and taste. Adjust seasoning as per taste.

Your healthy sprouts salad is ready for consumption. Have it fresh or it turns soggy after a while. A cheap and healthy way to nutritional goodness. You can make your own sprouts easily. Try and incorporate them in your daily diet for immense health benefits.

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