Truth triumphs all!

Truth triumphs all!

Lies, they are everywhere. We all lie for various reasons and sometimes without reason. Many times it is done so that the other person does not feel bad or to avoid strenuous consequences. Even though we are told since childhood about the value of speaking the truth, we slowly lose this trait and start taking the easy way out by lying. All of us have lied at some point in our life. But, I have also experienced the sheer joy of being truthful. In close relationships, I do not lie and encourage others to be truthful too. I think that builds trust.

When I recently saw this Kinley ad, I absolutely loved it. A daughter feeling the prick of conscience and calling her father at night to tell him the truth is so endearing and so real.

It also took me back to so many such memories of my own. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised when someone you know to be extremely strict actually rewards you for speaking the truth. I remember way back in college there was an important assignment that had to be submitted to one of the strictest Professors. He taught Accounting and Finance. This was during my MBA days. I had Sunday to do it. But on Saturday morning, there was an impromptu plan to head to Lonavla. A bunch of us decided to take the short train journey and enjoy our time together at a friend’s farm house. The time, as it always does, flies when we are with friends. In between jokes and banter and eating out, the assignment which was going to be graded completely slipped our minds. Happy and relaxed, we came back to Mumbai in the early hours of Monday. On reaching the college, it suddenly dawned upon all of us that we were in deep trouble. My friends were discussing all the excuses that could be told to the Professor to get out of trouble. We all were supposed to stick to the story of a minor car accident that had incapacitated us to handle the assignment. It was a feeble attempt to avoid punishment. But, we all decided to stick to this story.

The Professor called all 5 of us one by one, and we repeated the same tale including me. I felt really uneasy lying in this manner but did not want to pull my friends down. The Professor let us off with a warning and gave us some extra time to finish the Assignment. We all heaved a sigh of relief. But the day did not go so well. I was constantly plagued with a conscience prick for making up this pathetic lie. So much so that by evening, I was a complete wreck.

I walked into his cabin in the evening and blurted the truth out. I was extremely apologetic and almost in tears aware that I was letting my friends down as well. The strict Professor, to my surprise, gave me a warm smile. He said, he had easily gauged that we were lying and was pleasantly surprised when I plucked the courage to speak the truth. He even mentioned the incident in class while exhorting the students to speak the truth. I saw him loosen up and become a great mentor subsequently. I could see that just a mere act of being truthful had made him like me and respect me. My own fears laid to rest, I knew that the path of truth though difficult was the right one!

Kyunki chain hota hai na sachchai mein

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6 thoughts on “Truth triumphs all!

  1. Just like you, Rachna πŸ™‚ It is easier when you have unburdened yourself in such cases. The scolding is worth the tension and heartache of lying. And if as in your case there is commendation, it is the icing on the cake. Wish you a very happy new year πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, Zephyr. It wasn’t easy back then. I was torn especially because friends were involved. But luckily all worked out well in the end. πŸ™‚ Wish you and all at home a very Happy New Year!

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