When Cupid strikes hard

When Cupid strikes hard

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That huge rush of being crazily in love. It is an aphrodisiac unmatched by any other. It is a true blessing to be in love. It makes two very different people find their perfect symphony. It is also fraught with its own dangers. Does he love me back? With the same intensity? What if he does not reciprocate? I have always felt that staying friends later is overrated if the love affair fizzles out. Once you have shared a physical and emotional connect with someone, it is very difficult for those feelings to completely go away.

Anyhow, so women almost always want to be wooed, treated like princesses and like to feel cherished by the men in their lives. Most often than not, proposing is left to a man. And, I wonder why so? I mean seriously. This is the 21st century. We talk of women being equal to men in all respects so then why should they stick around minding their feelings and waiting for the man to pop the question. It is just so uncool. Personally, I love women taking the initiative. One, the surprise factor is beautiful. Two, it is a very beautiful feeling to be fussed over, and why must we deny our men that.

In order to propose to the guy I love, the surprise element would be the most important ingredient in my setting. Nothing matches the joy of being surprised and touched. Do it when it is least expected with less fanfare and more warmth. I would also not prefer to do it with flowers and chocolates. God knows, men just don’t dig those things as much as women do. They also get awfully wary of very formal settings.

I think I would love to do it in a casual manner while out on a vacation or a trip when the two of us are alone with trees and mountains for company. As the both of us enjoy traveling so much, a casual hike up the mountain would be a great setting. While we will slowly soak in the natural beauty of the lush green trees, the music of the birds and the narrow unending roads that curve to eternity. While both of us are sweating it out walking the steep pathways, I want the surprise to floor him.

The boldness will reflect in my attitude. I think I would enjoy using the tapori style. “What say, bhidu? Apun ke saath shaadi karega kya? Life ban jayegi teri!” And then in true filmy style, I would fish out a gawdy ring, that would give Munna from Rangeela a run for his money. I am imagining the amusement that would show on his face, as he would burst out laughing. And then, I would hand him a letter that would be handwritten, of course. In true writer style, the letter will enlist “10 reasons why he cannot live without me.” I always knew that my writing skills would come to my rescue in the sticky situations of life. And, to round up the proceedings, I would whip out a sinful chocolate cake that the Resort would have thoughtfully packed for us along with some other yummy treats. Yep, he adores his food.

So, I am all set this Valentine’s Day to floor the love of my life. How about you?

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