Zap that pimple

Zap that pimple


Let’s face it. We hate something suddenly breaking out on our face and spoiling our carefully nurtured looks. For someone like me, adolescence was a breeze. I am talking about acne here. I never had any. As I transformed from a little girl to a headstrong teen, I was the envy of most of my friends. While they struggled with ugly zits and acne, I had a clear face, always. It was quite the mystery, must be my genes or whatever benevolent Gods that were smiling down on me. I mean, seriously, how lucky was I? Ask any teen. Pimples cause the greatest angst, even more than the battery of your smartphone running out. Because there goes your opportunity of looking glamorous and landing a hot date when your face seems to resemble an angry red battlefield of zits.

However, who says that you can stay happy ever after? My skin did get an occasional pimple in later years but nothing that left a scar either on my psyche or on the skin. Overall, despite taking minimal care of my skin, I was always proud of its natural radiance and blemish-free appearance. Until, I had my first child. Seriously, is it not enough punishment that our body, hair and minds go through during pregnancy and childbirth that we are made to suffer even worse later?

I had glowing skin and fabulous hair when I was expecting. Wow, I did look good except for an oversized watermelon in my tummy. But, a few weeks after my son’s birth, my hair looked like hay that had been electrocuted just like the “Shock laga” advertisement on telly. Worse still, my skin had broken out into a bunch of pimples. This could not be true. It was a cruel stroke for my already low face esteem. Of course, the gynaecologist said that this was natural due to hormonal changes. Let me tell you that it makes you madder to hear that these obscene things are natural!

I tried all kinds of creams, lotions and ointments but nothing helped. They did smoothen out on their own after some time, and I heaved a sigh of relief. But what do you know? Another decade gone by and these pimples were back. I notice that this happened around hormonal peaks. I was horrified. I was in my late 30s. Comments like “Jawaani phoot rahee hai” (Youth is breaking out) and “Chikni chameli” that were tossed at me were NOT funny. The strangest part is that my skin is not oily at all.

Again, the hormones were blamed for the misery. I hated them pimples but knew that they would make their appearance every time I was stressed out or during my cycles. So, I did what a woman my age normally does. Turn to her girlfriends. They are the only ones who understand your misery. I also ended up with 1895 methods to get rid of pimples. I tried a few of them from drinking disgusting potions to clear my blood to application of homemade witch concoctions to make the dreaded beings go away. I found out that the use of neem helped reduce their appearance, so I painstaking boiled neem leaves and used the water to wash my face. I could not keep up with the grueling process every time so switched to using Neem Face wash. I love its mild perfume and non-irritating, gentle effect on skin. I also use Neem face packs, sometimes homemade and at other times store bought.

I also ate more fruits and vegetables, avoided fried foods and drank loads of fluids. I meditated to get the stress in my life under control. I used skin care products that helped alleviate my pimple breakouts and kept them minimal. All in all, my pimple problem still surfaces sometimes, but I am equipped to handle it better.

It also helps that the popularity seeking teenage years are behind me, and I am pretty confident and comfortable in my skin.

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3 thoughts on “Zap that pimple

  1. Nicely shared, Rachna 🙂
    Ah! Pimples, their after-effects & methods to get rid… Do share the “1895 methods” in a book!!
    Strange that I got advice that pimples disappear with childbirth! Your experience shows the unpredictability of pimples 🙂
    Best wishes.

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