Quickr Nxt – Chat your way to buy and sell products

Quickr Nxt – Chat your way to buy and sell products

Quickr Nxt
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I have an account on Quickr.com. As a classifieds site, it is easy to use and also is a great place to buy and sell regular household and other products. I found it especially useful while relocating or when I wanted to buy new models of functional products at home. Whether it is furniture, appliance, gadget, pet food or anything else, sell it on Quickr! Just upload a free ad, put up pictures and leave your details. Then the client reaches you and after sharing details, you can manage to sell or buy a product at a good price.

Now, this leave the details part like your phone number and email is something that most of us are apprehensive about. Not only do our personal details get splashed for anyone to have, but we also open ourselves to spammy and intrusive calls. Keeping this in mind, Quickr has launched its chat application, Quickr Nxt. Download it on your phone or use it on the website, either way it is a life saver.

Here are 3 reasons why I prefer Quickr Nxt chats to phone calls:

Privacy: Privacy is a huge concern for me personally. I would rather not give out my phone number to strangers. Spam calls are a big nuisance and so are a spate of calls at inconvenient times. Thus, I prefer chats that let me do all the inquiring and answering queries without revealing my personal details like phone number or email etc. So much better, wouldn’t you say?

Non-intrusive: With a chat, one always has the option to answer when one is free and available. With phone calls, it becomes a bit dicier. While you do not wish to miss a potential buyer when you have put up an advertisement, you also don’t want to take all random calls at all times. It can be very inconvenient. People don’t hesitate to call at awkward times. Sometimes, you may be in the thick of something important and would not like to be disturbed. That is when a chat is so much better than a phone call. Look at the popularity of WhatsApp and you would know.

Real time: A chat is in real time. It is very useful because you can ask pertinent questions as and when you recall them and get answers in real time. You can also share pictures from particular angles that a client may want. After all, we all want quality assurance that the product is in good condition before we buy a used product. The chat history is useful as all the details are documented. Hence, even though you may forget to ask or remember what you had shared over a telephonic conversation, the same is not an issue when it is all in black and white stored safely in your chat window.

I think chat is a great and much-required feature in the world of classified websites. I am sure Quickr Nxt will take off in a big way by the users of Quickr.

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