My passions — Some day I will do them all

My passions — Some day I will do them all

If we had no care in the world financially or physically, life would be a dream, wouldn’t it? Imagine no slogging day in and day out to put food on the table, to pay for our needs or to save for the children’s education. Families are beautiful. Having a partner to share your life with, having children and then watching them grow is among the most satisfying and awe-inspiring experiences in life, not to mention harrowing too. Harrowing because, you always worry about being around to take care of them. One also worries and works hard to secure their futures financially. It is a constant battle to balance work-life so as not to miss out the precious nuggets of parental experiences while also finding enough time to pursue your work or vocation and make enough money to truly enjoy life’s pleasures.

Now imagine if one was assured of the financial bit forever, how liberating would that be! Most of us would then be free to truly follow our hearts. These are the five things I would love to do if my life were financially secure:

Travel: I just love travel. If I had bucket loads of money, I would travel even more. South Africa and Australia are on my wish list. And so are South America and some places in Europe. I can feel the excitement coursing through me as I visualize undertaking journeys to these fantastic lands and partaking of the treasures they hold for me.

Learn a foreign language: Apart from learning French for a couple of years way back in school, I really have had no exposure to a foreign language. But, I would love to some day when I had more time on hand. I would enjoy enrolling in some proper course and learning a lyrical foreign tongue.

Volunteer: This one is close to my heart. Whether it is children, elderly or even women, I would love to volunteer in some way. I believe that it will enrich me a lot and give me a deeper understanding of the society we inhabit. It will also be my way of contributing to the community.

Cook and feed: My husband is an ardent organic gardener and hopes to own his farm some day. Since cooking is my passion, I would love to indulge further by cooking delicacies made with fresh organic produce grown by him and serve to family, friends and visitors. Feeding is something every mother enjoys, and I am no exception. 🙂

Learn singing: I am blessed with a good voice and some day would love to take up learning Hindustani Classical music. I did join some classes very briefly and was thoroughly enjoying them when I had to stop attending due to lack of time and two young children at home. But the longing remains. Someday, I will fulfill this as well.

Apart from these, I also see myself writing in some form or another forever. I also hope to learn a dance form. I did dabble in Kathak for a little while, and family will continue to be a priority.

Actually this is a great bucket list to keep coming back to. Hopefully, some decades from now, I would have completely ticked it off.

What constitutes your bucket list? Do you have one?

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6 thoughts on “My passions — Some day I will do them all

  1. learn a foreign language :- you already done ENGLISH 🙂 he he he he

    my bucket list oh yesssssssssssss it keep growing and growingggggggggggggg 🙂

    all the best with everything Rachna mam… my best wishesssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. Yes, we have many things common on the bucket list. I initially thought I could save these for retirement, but who knows if I will stop working, so I’ve decided to just start them, one by one!

    1. Exactly, Rosh! I don’t think I will ever retire. It helps that I can work from anywhere. 🙂 But I do look for more time to indulge in some of the passions.

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