Sweet bedtime memories

Sweet bedtime memories

Whenever I think back of the baby days of my kids, I go all gooey and awww. Those were the most precious days when my little bundles of joy were tiny. Both my sons were very different babies and toddlers. The elder son had a colic issue when he was born. That meant many sleepless nights for us. My husband and I were first time parents and had no help at home. Not only did we share the joys, laughter and tears together but learned to live through the failures learned a lot in the bargain. The little one would keep us awake for almost 3 hours every night till he turned 2 -3 months old. I used to call it a daily matinee show. I was a sleep-deprived and jittery mom. The things I did to make him get a good night’s sleep bring back some fond memories. It started with a nice, warm bath in the tub after a fun massage by mommy. I used to love singing to him. I sang lullabies and old Hindi film ditties. Yes, he did go to sleep listening to the soothing tones. I remember I used to talk quite a bit with him. Though he couldn’t speak yet, he would listen ardently. Then after feeding him and putting on a diaper, I would put him in bed. In those days, he would sleep in our bed, sandwiched between the husband and I.

That way, I could reach him as soon as he cried. I had a comforting rocking chair in the room that I used to sit and nurse him on. Sometimes, that would help to put him back to sleep as soon as he woke up and cried. At other times, we would take him for car rides to lull him to sleep. Normally, he did not need a diaper change unless he had soiled one. Mostly, the diapers stayed dry and could soak in all the pee during the night. This helped a lot when he got older, and I could go through an entire night without changing a diaper.

The younger one had pretty much a similar routine at night. He used to have the problem of acid reflux and that meant that initially he had to put to bed after ensuring that his back was raised. Sometimes, he would just sleep off in his rocker which was in a slightly elevated position.

Later the night time routine changed when both of us began taking turns reading to the kids before they were tucked in. Their night baths continued. That helped with them falling asleep immediately. When I started potty training them, I started removing the diaper during the day. But, at night the diaper continued. The diapers were a huge help during outings. I tell you, they are the best inventions for parents. So many of us are thankful to them for helping both us and our precious babies get their much-needed sleep at night.

Ah, the delightful memories. Sometimes, I wish they were tiny again minus the toil, of course. 🙂

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