Buy better car using Quikr NXT

Buy better car using Quikr NXT

I own a car that is almost 13 years old. Yes, it is as old as my older son. I absolutely adore this car. It is small, easy to drive, easy to park and clearly a favorite of mine. My two kids have literally been raised using this car. I have loads of sentimental memories attached to it. My younger son was brought home after birth in this car. In a way, it is more than a car. It is my friend. It gives me a huge sense of freedom, as I don’t have to rely on anyone to go anywhere – no autos, no buses, no taxis. I take my car, and I am on my own.

But, the fact of the matter is that the car is old, pretty old. It will need to be replaced soon. While, I am eyeing the new beauties in the market. To tell you the truth, I have been considering some second-hand cars as well. There is a showroom of second-hand cars that I have visited recently. All the cars look lovely and shine with pride. My only problem is that I don’t know if I can trust them. What if the second-hand car is not as good as it looks? What if it has faulty parts or mileage that has been tampered with? What if I am being cheated?

And, then I came across Quikr. I mean they actually list second hand cars now. How wonderful is that?

I browsed through their site and saw that it was easy to check out the exact car and model that I was interested in .

You can see the car from different angles in all the photos uploaded on the listing page. You have all the details like where the seller is located, which year model is the car, the mileage covered etc. You don’t even have to wait to call the person at their convenient time. There is a pretty green icon there that says chat now, hence you can just shoot your query and they will get back to you with a message. Isn’t that wonderful? I have already written about Quikr NXT and why it is the best thing to have happened to Indian classifieds sites.

Quikr has also gone one step ahead to safeguard the users and also offer them a great tool for decision making. They have tied with Carnation Auto. They will offer car inspection Report that will help a customer on Quikr make the right decision. This is a huge help when it comes to buying and selling cars. If you have a credible report from a reputed agency then it takes away the uncertainty that buying second hand cars normally involves.

Hence, I can be rest assured when I search second-hand cars on Quikr that I will get the best value for my money. At the prices at which one gets excellent quality, almost ununsed second hard cars, I am tilting towards upgrading my car on Quikr.

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