Strawberry milkshake/smoothie

Strawberry milkshake/smoothie

Strawberries are my favorite berries. I love their tart sweetness. And, they are in season currently. Apart from consuming them raw or slathered with Nutella, I also whip up some quick strawberry milkshake with them.

strawberry milkshake

Here is the simple recipe:

Makes 4 servings


250 gm. fresh strawberries (1 box)

2 cups milk

2 large scoops ice cream (You could use strawberry or vanilla. I had some rich pista at home so I used that)

Sugar to taste.


First coarsely pulse the strawberries in your blender. Add the milk, sugar and ice cream to make a thick milkshake. Pour it out in glasses and garnish with chopped strawberries. You could also add ice cubes if you like. It is tasty and so easy to make.

Kids especially love them. You know what else my kids like with their milkshakes? It is pizzas. So, sometimes when I am in an indulgent mood, I order pizzas as well. Since I am a sucker for discount, I always check out Domino’s coupons before ordering.

So, do you enjoy milkshakes?

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