Knol khol/Gathgobhi/Kohlrabi stir fry

Knol khol/Gathgobhi/Kohlrabi stir fry

Knol khol stir fry

Knol Khol as it is called here in Bangalore or Gathgobhi in Hindi is like a turnip and belongs to the same family as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. It is very commonly used in the rice pulavs or vegetable kormas that I’ve had here. It also makes for a simple and satisfying dry stir fry which goes really well with rotis or chapatis.

Once you have it grated, you can have a stir fry in less than 10 minutes.


1/2 Kg. knol khol cleaned, peeled and grated (Discard the fibrous ones)

2 tsp. vegetable oil

1 tsp. mustard seeds

2 sprigs curry leaves

1/2 tsp. turmeric

1 tsp. urad dal or chana dal

1/2 tsp. cumin seeds

a pinch of asafoetida

2-3 green chillies slit in half

salt to taste

2 tsp. malai or cream (optional)

juice of half lemon

Coriander leaves and grated coconut for garnish


Take oil in a kadhai/wok. Heat it. Tip in mustard seeds, cumin seeds and urad/chana dal. Allow them to sputter. Now add the asafoetida, green chillies and curry leaves. Cook for a minute. Now put in the turmeric powder and grated knol kohl. Mix well. Add salt and let it cook out the moisture for about 5 minutes. Once it is cooked, take it off the flame, add in the malai/ cream and stir well. Now put in the lemon juice and mix well. Garnish with coriander leaves and grated coconut. Serve hot. It is a simple yet tasty dry vegetable dish ready in minutes. You can make a similar stir fry with grated carrots, cabbage or beetroot or a combination of these. They all turn out fairly tasty. Enjoy!

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23 thoughts on “Knol khol/Gathgobhi/Kohlrabi stir fry

    1. I just love the South Indian tadka of mustard, curry leaves, dal, dried chillies etc. It just takes the flavors of these simple veggies to another level. I don’t use much of coconut garnish in my dry veggies. Hence, skipped it while making this. This recipe is inspired from the cabbage fry that I have tasted in multiple houses. I added a few of my touches. 🙂 The kids love this one, so I cook it quite often.

  1. We call it olkopi… haven’t had it this way, will try it..

    mom makes it with aloo, not to dry, not too much gravy, goes well with rotis…someday maybe I’ll share that recpie when I get it right 😀

  2. ohhh…I never knew what this vegetable is even I though I see it in the market every time. I am going to buy it today and cook this weekend. Thank you for adding another vegetable to my kitchen.. Can we add onion to the fry? I normally have the tendency to add onions to any curry 😛

    1. Isn’t this common in the South? At least in Karnataka. Chalo, I am glad you will try it. Of course, you can add onions, it will not alter the taste much. 🙂

  3. Looks so yummy. Minus the malai and lemon, this is the exact same seasoning and procedure we use for a dish called Cobi Upkari (Cabbage Stir Fry) in Konkani Cuisine. 🙂

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