Benefits of a healthy balanced diet

Benefits of a healthy balanced diet

healthy balanced diet
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While we all strive to maintain that elusive optimum weight, the battle with the bulge increases as we reach our 30s and 40s. The metabolism slows down, and the excesses of the youth come and bite you hard. I have seen people go crazy with crash diets and excessive exercising in order to be a certain body weight. And when they don’t lose as much weight as they would have liked to comes the binge eating and depression. This cyclical hate-hate relationship with the body continues as the weight increases further. Of course, the commonsense route of eating right and exercising regularly is difficult, long-term and does not give immediate gains. But, it is the only way in which your body will stay healthy, fit and active.

Here are some benefits of adopting a healthy balanced diet:

Weight management: Don’t be surprised. When you get adequate supply of vitamins, minerals and nutrients by consumption of whole grains, proteins, greens, fresh and seasonal vegetable and fruits, you get all the nutrients that your body needs to stay active, repair its injuries and replenish its stores. You will find that your weight stays stable as well. You will also find it easier to not gain weight if you continue to eat healthy.

Better Immunity: If you wish to keep your immunity high, you have to feed your body right. Binging on one kind of food group and depriving your body of a range of nutrients can lead to nutritional deficiencies. It also plays havoc with your hormones. You will find that you feel tired all the time and fall sick often and easily. Your immune system functions well when you get all food groups in your diet.

Better energy: The habit of skimping on breakfast when you have an active day ahead of you, then hogging at lunch and eating unhealthy at tea time is doing untold damage to your body and energy levels. No wonder you feel tired and fatigued. Begin your day with a glass of warm water with lemon and honey to kick-start your metabolism. Follow it up with a fruit before having your tea or coffee. Never leave the house without breakfast in your tummy. Eat every 2-3 hours and small meals to keep your blood sugar levels healthy. You will find that you will have sustained stamina and energy to handle your work. As the day progresses have smaller meals. Make dinner your lightest meal and have it two hours before going to sleep. Before going to bed, have a glass of warm milk with honey. Helps with sleep as well.

Do not fall for the fad of crash diets that impoverish your body. Nurture your body with healthy, fresh, unprocessed home-cooked foods.

Include natural foods like honey in your diet for better health. I use Dabur honey as a substitute for sugar in my children’s cornflakes, in my badam milk and in practically any place where I use sugar.  A honey diet is a great way of cutting out harmful sugar from your diet.

Let us all pledge to avoid crash diets and nourish our bodies by following a healthy balanced diet and exercising regularly.

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  1. A balanced healthy diet has lot of benefits. I have experienced it myself when stress made me eat less and whatever I ate was junk. But now when I am on a good healthy diet, I feel the difference.

  2. Buddha gave the doctrine of Middle-Path, a balance way of living. It includes balanced diet. Right is always in the middle. All the best for the contest, Rachna! 🙂

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