Chicken drumsticks marinated in tomato chutney

Chicken drumsticks marinated in tomato chutney

chicken drumsticks

With my Philips airfryer, making food that looks and tastes great without the extra calories of frying is super easy. I make chicken drumsticks quite often at home. The ones marinated in tandoori masala are an all-time favorite. This time, I experimented by marinating the chicken drumsticks in the tomato chutney that I otherwise make often. The result was yummy drumsticks that tasted slightly different. Philips airfryer gave them the perfect crunchy exterior while keeping them moist and succulent inside and perfectly cooked too.

Here is the simple recipe:


For the tomato chutney marinade:

2 ripe tomatoes chopped

1 inch piece of ginger chopped

3 green chillies (as per the heat preferred)

1/2 bunch washed coriander leaves

salt to taste

2 tsp. oil

8 pieces chicken drumsticks

Oil to baste


chicken drumsticks

Blend the ingredients of the marinade with no water in a blender till a thick chutney is made. Add oil to it. Now, make deep gashes in the chicken drumsticks and marinate in this chutney for at least 4 hours. If you do it overnight, your drumsticks will be more flavorful.

Preheat your oven or airfryer and airfry or bake till the drumsticks are golden brown and well cooked. Keep basting with oil and remaining marinade for more flavor.

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Serve hot with sliced onion and lemon slices. Enjoy!

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13 thoughts on “Chicken drumsticks marinated in tomato chutney

  1. I guess I can use on a barbeque as well? Must try this! I must say this is a proper recipe unlike my chicken kebab recipe. Mind you it works perfectly, I use it all the time…

  2. Tomato chutney marinated drumsticks sound and look great. Will share this with KG and hope he makes it on some weekend! 🙂

  3. Rachna,
    You know what — I love your recipes, they all look so doable and yum. ( A lot of recipes online seem very complicated.)

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