My beautifully golden mornings

My beautifully golden mornings

Today morning I climbed out of my bed in a grouchy mood at 6.15 am. Yes, the chilly weather and the warm comforter were one reason for the reluctance but another was a dull headache.

To add to the misery, I realized that there was no coffee in the house. Can the things start any worse, I wondered. Golden home-brewed filter coffee is an absolute must for my morning to be golden. I must have it piping hot in a large mug and savor its bitter sweet strong flavour for my day to begin well. Oh well, I will have to wait for a couple of hours before the kirana store closeby opens.

You know, how mornings are so integral to our mood and attitude throughout the day. For me, they are. Ruined morning somehow translates into a bad day. So when I thought deep and hard, I realized that a few things turn my good mornings into gold mornings:

Coffee: Enough has been said about that above.

Coco: My Labrador, also my third son, greets me lustily, every part of his body moving in joy. Who would not wish to wake up to that welcome? Smiling we both bound down the stairs together.

Songs: The husband leaves for work very early in the morning. So as I go down the stairs I hear the old songs that he almost always plays on his tablet. I am also greeted by the smell of coffee wafting from the kitchen as he has already prepared hot mugs for us. And of course, his smile that makes my sleepy self wake up and feel energized.

My kids: I love the moment when I tiptoe into their room with Coco on my heels. As I switch on the light, I pause and look at their sleeping visages – so peaceful, so beautiful. I take a moment to take that in before calling their names to wake them. As they groan in protest, Coco helps by licking ttheir faces and making them wake up with smiles.

Newspaper: I feel my day is incomplete if I don’t read a newspaper. Hence once the kids are off, I sit with the paper and my breakfast, skipping some news and reading others with interest charged to begin my work.

Talking about gold mornings, Colgate is launching Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush which is a beauty with its gold and black looks. It also cleans your entire mouth effectively. Can’t wait to lay my hands on it.

So tell me, what makes your mornings turn into golden mornings? #Colgate360GoldMornings

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