Your Weight is Not Important

Your Weight is Not Important

weight not important

Baffled by the title, aren’t you? So let me explain. As we slip into our 30s and 40s, suddenly the realization dawns that our nubile, slim bodies are not staying that slim anymore. Those excesses like chocolate bars, sinful cheesecakes, pizzas and delectable cocktails are now becoming more and more difficult to burn off and almost always end up on our midsections. And then begin our struggles with keeping slim where most often we forget to nurture our bodies.

Our bodies are much more than calories in, calories consumed and the remaining turned into fat. We have hormones that dictate how much energy we utilize. We have our emotional state especially stress or boredom that makes us turn to food for comfort. While we do nothing to address these factors, all we go after is starving ourselves and feeling miserable. We sometimes take to fad diets in a rush to lose weight. But in my opinion, weight lost is not important! Yes, there I said it. I have not weighed myself in over a year now or perhaps more and I’ve not felt better.

Unless you are obese or are following weight loss goals, weight is a meaningless measure.

Here’s why:

  • Your weight will not budge if you have gained muscle and lost fat. But this is desirable isn’t it?
  • Your weight will not show any change even when you find that you are more flexible, have more stamina, feel happier and more in control.
  • Your weight may actually go up when you struggle with issues like bloating at the end of the day, during PMS and at times when you are stressed. You will keep worrying about this ‘weight’ while you will have to take a closer look at what is causing this water retention.
  • Your weight may not show that your body is now looking more toned and that your clothes fit better.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. Weight is quite meaningless on its own. It’s overall health, fitness, stamina, flexibility, stronger bones and other factors that you must work on. And yes, when you adopt a healthy lifestyle that involves eating healthy, local, fresh produce at regular intervals and exercise regularly, your weight will drop as well. But let it not be the only parameter that drives how you lead your life. Please also consult your doctor and learn any exercise regimen from a professional before doing it on your own.

Here’s wishing everyone a bounty of health and happiness.

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weight not important

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40 thoughts on “Your Weight is Not Important

  1. Weight is meaningless on its own. So true, but most people get so obsessed with weight that they forget that the rest.The gym is full of such people. I have had many people look at me in shock when I say I don’t know my weight.

  2. Its a fact that I have accepted.. I just try to be heathy and maintain stamina. Weight is meaningless. I just wish it was weightless too.

  3. I know what you said makes sense. However, years and years of conditioning makes me stand on that weighing scale so often. And the darned thing simply doesn’t budge. But you are right of course. I have benefitted from exercising way beyond weight reduction.

  4. I so completely agree with this! Exercising for the last week alone has helped me feel better about myself and increased my stamina. Never bothered much about weight loss and even now it’s more so that I don’t have aches and pains going into my 40s. Taking your advice seriously and started a food log from today. Wish me luck 🙂

  5. I gave up on the idea of reducing weight ages ago.. nothing seems to work on me.. I just keep going up. .now I pity those who spend so long on worrying about weight .. as you said keep fit.. ear healthy ..then weight is meaningless. ..

    Some good pointers there..

  6. Absolutely agree with you… my weight hasn’t budged much in years, unless I am home and I eat a lunch of chicken, duck and paneer. A kg here and there is all the difference I have seen. The actual difference is in the way I feel. Yes we need to concentrate more on a healthier lifestyle than the weighing scale.

  7. I struggle with this daily, my hypothyroidism doesn’t help either 🙂 I have started walking 10,000 steps daily and eating healthy. The mood swings are better controlled and I feel good too 🙂 Lovely post about something we all think about daily.

  8. Totally gave up my fight against weight after multiple failed attempts. Now all I focus is on not falling sick. My weight hasn’t come down or gone up ever since my surgery for ovarian cancer and endometriosis. I did not gain weight in both my pregnancies too. I have now realized there’s no point pondering over something that’s not changing. I just stick to my walking schedule for now. As the doc says, the weight remains the same, but I did lose a few inches.

  9. If only we all could think about all the points above the moment we see an increased number on the weighing scale!
    Weight sure is a tricky thing!


  10. Agree with you completely! Measuring weight is meaningless, for what really matters is body composition – the fat percentage, muscle percentage, BMI etc! That’s a novel take on the prompt. Loved it!

  11. Ahh, some good news for me. My weight’s not budged, like in ages. I am glad to read the reasons that you have shared. I am happy so long as I feel energetic and active.

  12. I agree with you. There’s too much emphasis on weight gain and calories these days, so much so that our minds have stopped registering the needs of our bodies. That stray craving for sweet might actually be a need for sugar in your body! And, the required fat intake is what keeps our joints lubricated. There’s so much more to it that just weight loss.

    1. I am so glad that this post helped you look at weight in a different manner. You are such a beautiful woman. I don’t know what you are worrying about. ?

  13. Perfect take on the prompt, I’d say Rachna. I think it’s one of those area where the truth is what matters; Esp people blindly following some regimes that may well as be fiction for all we know.

    1. Thanks, Sid. Absolutely, the whole field of fitness had deeply entrenched myths. It is terrible to see people blindly following them and feeling miserable.

  14. You are so right, Rachna! Weight is not all that it is made out to be. One needs to take everything into consideration before cringing at the numbers on the weighing scale..I am blessed, though, to have a slim and a bit curvy frame, but my heart goes out to all those women who despair over their weighty issues. I did encourage a friend of mine (who is not so pleased with her heavy self) by telling her that she belongs to Vidya Balan’s category – sexy and curvy, but NOT weighty. Let’s see how well my advice works its magic.. 🙂

    1. I know. I feel terrible for those who have broader frames or just gain weight easily. Then they struggle on and on hating their bodies with a vengeance. I am glad that you are supporting your friend. If only we’d focus less on who gained and lost weight, it would become less of an issue for all women.

  15. While I don’t qualify since I am way way over the obese line, I totally do agree with this post… the number isn’t everything. A lot of factors including muscle mass vs adipose come into play here

    1. True that, doc! Not saying that we must not aim to maintain a healthy weight but overall health is a larger parameter.

  16. Yes Rachna…well-put. We first need to emphasize on fitness, and building stamina. Weight might remain the same or go up depending on muscles, but as long as we are fit, that should not concern us.

  17. Spot on, Rachna. Feeling upset looking at our body’s side profile with regret never works. 😀 This post is a great message for all those who are freaking out over weight!

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