Get Real with your Fitness and Weight loss Goals

Get Real with your Fitness and Weight loss Goals

wishful thinking

Wishful thinking is what most of us do when it comes to our weight, body shape, health and fitness. So how many of us have fantasized looking like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Deepika, Katrina and so on? Come on, out with it! It’s another thing that if we hear about their fitness regimens, we will faint. But of course, it’s the end result that is seen most often not the consistent hard work that is put in.

I have had loads of friends who have given up – some within a month, some in 3 months, some in 6 months and some others who lasted a year. Forget friends, there were times when I felt the same before I understood that my approach was all wrong.

I can’t think of an epiphany when I modified my approach. I just remember that being interested in health and nutrition, I read a lot. I learned through trial and error. I also consulted real dieticians and trainers and did some online courses and that is when I actually understood more about our bodies, the food we take in, the exercise we need to do and the myths around dieting.

Diet as a word means your food intake. How truly sad then that we associate ‘dieting’ as starving or greatly reducing our food intake. While a balanced diet is quite the opposite of that. In fact, why should you punish your body at all? If she has gained on a lot of weight or looks unseemly, is it her fault? Remember how she has made you sail through every crisis in your life – all those late nights, binge sessions, drinking, partying. She put up with your excesses and gave you the best of what she was capable of. And now you want to curse her and also deprive her of food while expecting her to give you an hourglass figure or a muscular body. Tch tch

It is only wishful thinking that leads us to set unrealistic goals when it comes to fitness and health. You took some years to pile on that weight so how can you magically expect to lose it all in a few weeks? If a trainer or dietician promises you that, steer clear of them. We all know that weight lost in this manner will almost always be gained back.

So, get real. Seek professional help and guidance for any weightloss/health related goals. Also be ready to be in this for the long run. An organized, realistic and regular approach will see you transform wishful thinking into tangible results.

This is my entry for Day 6 “wishful thinking”  prompt in Blog-A-Thon by Blog-A-Rhythm

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14 thoughts on “Get Real with your Fitness and Weight loss Goals

  1. I bunked the gym today, part-laziness and part-laziness. Being fit is a simple clear-cut process. It is when we choose shortcuts and half-knowledge that the problem crops up! Cute short, powerful post Rach!

  2. true… it is very difficult to follow a routine when the goals are too big, one tends to become overwhelmed … I keep myself inspired by discussing it with friends and reading about it… also by following all the fitness trainers … sometimes their pictures are all I need to get on the mat 😉

    1. True! I think being connected with like-mined people or having a fitness buddy keeps you on track for sure. Me too, I follow fitness trainers. Very motivating!

  3. Yes! So very true. Weight lost due to strict diet comes back in a jiffy and that sucks even more I feel!
    While all of us have this wishful thinking of eating and not putting on weight 😛


  4. I agree that fitness has to be a way of life. I did try taking professional help and it worked for me for a while but as time progressed the whole thing got so complicated it drove me nuts. I ended up spending hours in the kitchen making juices and special chapatis.. crazy it was. Now I just go with plenty of exercise and the basic stuff of avoiding unhealthy foods. I’ve given up worrying about my weight.. well almost.

    1. Yes, that is a challenge with professional help. I think it is a good starting point to understand what kind of food is wholesome and then work out our own schedule. What my learning was that we must eat more often and eat well not eat junk. More salad, more fruits, more nuts. Also exercise must be a good mix and must vary and be increasingly challenging.

  5. You’re right! Keeping realistic goals help. Everyone who wants to lose weight expects instant result. You haven’t gained weight in a day or two. How can you expect to shed those kilos that quick?

    Very well said about commonly misinterpreted word ‘dieting’.

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