A Promise to Keep

A Promise to Keep


I hope you have enjoyed this fitness and health series that I did. I am no professional or claiming to be a fitness guru when it comes to health and fitness. All these learnings are what I have experienced and learned over time. I hope they benefit you as well.

Today, I wish you to make a promise. A promise that I made to myself a lot of years ago. Let me delve a bit into family history here. My maternal grandmother passed away at the age of 60 of a first-time heart attack. She suffered from walking issues. My own mother passed away at 53. She had multiple fractures due to osteoporosis that had her bedridden and in poor health for years. Just like them I am blessed with a slim frame and thinner bones. I made a promise to myself to make the most of those genes and work on stiffer joints, stronger bones and more flexibility.

I was the most unfit youngster. Scrawny and with really stiff joints, I was never any good at sports in school. But it was during my college and subsequently that I worked hard at my fitness. Now two children later and with a reasonably fit and healthy body, I feel very proud of myself. As I look ahead at the big challenge of menopause, I know that my body will continue to support me. I promise to support her as well.

Eating healthy and exercising along with taking care of my mental health is a part of my daily routine. I slip up sometimes but I promise to always keep going. Will you join me in making that promise as well to your health?

This is my entry for Day 7 “Promise”  prompt in Blog-A-Thon by Blog-A-Rhythm

weight not important

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Thank you everyone for reading and commenting!

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12 thoughts on “A Promise to Keep

  1. Now this is a promise we all need to make, Rachna. Thanks for writing and sharing this. I shall make this promise to myself too. What an apt take on the prompt, as they say, Jaan hai toh jahan hai!

  2. Well begun is half done, they say and after ten days of conscious health watch I can say yes, I make this promise too. Thanks for the series and for making us all sit up and take notice, Rachna. Hugs.

    1. Thanks, Tulika. I guess we all slip from time to time but as long as we get back on the bandwagon, it’s all good. 🙂

  3. Way to go Rachna!!! just reading about your determination is inspiring enough … I loved this 7 day series of yours … I found it very informative and hope many others will be inspired to change their lifestyles 🙂

    1. Thanks, Raj!Coming from someone like you who is super fit, it means a lot. I hope that we all start making more conscious choices. Thanks for reading.

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