Vaya Launch and Vaya Tyffyn User Review

Vaya Launch and Vaya Tyffyn User Review

When I got an invite for the launch of Vaya, I had no clue what the company was. The fact that they were launching a premium tiffin box egged my curiosity. As I headed to ITC Gardenia on a Friday evening, traffic and Sindhu’s match were on my mind. Of course, meeting with blogger friends is something I always look forward to and I was curious to see what could one do with a tiffin box.

The event started an hour late as most attendees arrived late. But once it started, it was engaging.

Vaya Tyffyn1

Zippy and very beautifully executed, we saw the unveiling of Vaya logo and the philosophy behind it.

Vaya Tyffyn2

A superbly choreographed dance act later, the CEO of Vaya,Vashist Vasanthakumar, unveiled the tyffyn which looked really chic and nothing like any dabba I had seen till now.

Vaya Tyffyn7

He took us through the features of tyffyn and why they have come up with this product. The product features centering around the age-old importance of homecooked food in India that can be now carried piping hot, avoiding leakages and in a slick and exciting tiffin box that you can take to work with pride.

Vaya Tyffyn3

The most enjoyable act was the stand-up comedy by Karthik. He had us in splits and really lightened the proceedings.

A short session of sharing tiffin memories followed. Subsequently, the event came to an end as we were ushered for dinner.

I was impressed with how the event did not drag on and was very enjoyable. The icing on the cake, I got my own tyffyn to carry home.

Vaya Tyffyn4

My first impressions were that it was the sleekest, most beautiful tiffin box I have seen. It also came in a really thoughtful packing which is sturdy and aesthetic. But will it deliver on its promise of keeping the home-cooked food piping hot?

Homecooked food is something I am almost obsessive about. Being mom to two kids, I prefer them to carry nutritious food from home than indulge in some junk from the canteen. My husband also takes home cooked food to his workplace as he prefers it to greasy canteen food there. Till now, I have sent food in Tupperware containers which are relatively leak proof, look decent and the food can be re-heated in the microwave at his workplace. Not so for the kids. They have to contend with food at room temperature. Hardly anything I could do about it. Not to mention how the tiffin boxes look. Rather plain and boring.

Here is a review of Vaya’s Tyffyn:

What Worked:

Vaya Tyffyn6

Stunning Looks: The husband carried the compact tiffin box to his workplace and it did get quite a few eyeballs. Yep, it is stylish and people came and actually asked him about it. So this baby stands out from the crowd. It almost looks like a fashion statement.

High Quality Containers: The containers are each of 300 ml. capacity and there are 3 of them in this Tyffyn. They are of stainless steel with a copper finish and spill proof plastic lids. I loved the materials they have used which are very Indian. The spill proof lids with finger grooves are a tad difficult to pull up and perhaps something to provide a better grip can be offered. The lids do prevent seepage.

Vaya Tyffyn5

Compact: The design is impeccable. The outer case is compact and made of stainless steel. It comes in 3 finishes: Maple, Graphite and Wool. I have the Wool finish design. Also thoughtful touches like easy to use stainless steel clasps on the side and a handle that fits in cozily into the carrier enhance the experience of using this.

vaya tyffyn8

A Glamorous Carry Bag/Mat: The Tyffyn can be carried in its own carry bag that can be slung across the shoulder like a satchel. It is available in matching colours, has a cutlery pouch and opens out into a convenient mat to put your food on. Very innovative design. But the husband perhaps was not too keen on carrying a wine coloured bag and hence skipped taking it. I can certainly see it being popular among women.

What Can be Better:

Hot food: The product promised piping hot food even after 6 hours of packing. This did not deliver. The food was at best at slightly above room temperature when the husband sat down to lunch. Another hitch is that since the containers are metal, he could not even microwave the food. I think this is one area that needs to be looked into.

Weight: The tyffyn is slick but slightly heavy when filled. If I had to give it to my younger son, he may have some difficulty in carrying in.

You can buy this Tyffyn at Amazon. It is priced at Rs. 2999. It is a quality product and comes with a warranty of 1 year. Click the image below to buy.

Overall, I am sure that the husband is not going back to old dabba any time soon.

Vaya has recently launched a smaller version of its Tyffyn, Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml. Do read its review here.

Update: My old Tyffyn was replaced by a new Tyffyn in Maple style by Vaya. This one has a few design innovations and a slightly lower weight. Apparently the initial batch had a few Tyffyns that did not heat well. This one I’ve got looks just as sleek, and it keeps the food warm after 6 hours of packing. Still not piping hot though.

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary Tyffyn and was invited to the launch of Vaya. All opinions in this review are honest and my own.

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43 thoughts on “Vaya Launch and Vaya Tyffyn User Review

  1. I was looking forward to reading a review about Vaya Tiffin’s, Rachna and no one better than you to be completely honest where reviews are concerned.
    Enjoyed reading your account of the presentation and your views on the tiffin.
    I wanted to buy it for my Husband, and after reading your view I think I will.
    Thank you .

  2. Certainly sounds good. So, how does the food remain hot, does it work like a flask? I’m tempted to buy it since I’d like to get rid of the Tupperware too.

    1. Thanks, Uma. The food stays warm not piping hot for food that was packed at 7 and consumed by 12.30. It has VacuTherm technology that is supposed to trap the heat and keep the food hot.

  3. Dear Rachna, after your review I have ordered one in last month, but have not received, pls. advise if you aware any tentative delivery plan for the same. Thanks.

    1. Dear Ripudaman,
      We have received a tremendous response from many consumers like yourself. The Tyffyns are being sent out on a first-come-first-serve basis as per the reservations made. Please feel free to message us on our Facebook page with your contact details and we would be able to share some details about the delivery schedule of your Tyffyn.

      Thanks and regards,
      Team Vaya India

  4. I’d waited to write my review before reading yours and I must say we’ve had more of less the same experience ?. Gy does love the style and the fact that she can carry it around so easily. My replacement piece had the same issue as the first one although other users seem to have been happy with theirs. Nicely done, as always.

  5. It seems like vaya company is fooling around the peoples. I have order the 1000ml tiffin box amounting to Rs. 2900/-on 30th January 2017 and was supposed to delivered within 7 or 8 days but I haven’t receive the item yet. I contact with the customer service and they reply that the order has been shipped by Indian Speed post on 3 rd Feb, 2017, but when I check the consignment no. it was not found. I have write them again and again but there is no response from there side. Its very unethical and unprofessional for such a start up company.

  6. I had placed the order.I got a receipt of 2801 and was being asked to pay 3100 instead.After contacting the cc I was told the bal will be deducted and will be resent within 24hrs.Even after mailing so many times i haven’t received it as yet.Very very poor service and very unethical.

  7. I had mistakenly ordered the 2 container lunch box. When i mentioned the same to the customer service they asked me to order 3 container box separately and then i will be given instructions to return the old box. I ordered new one and got the new lunch box but after that the customer service absconded. Emails are unanswered. Most unethical customer service.

  8. Hello can u please provide your review post ur long usage ? does the copper coating chip/peel off?? after prolonged used does it still retain heat? and does ur replaced product keep food warmer? I’m looking at keeping the food hot not room temperature warm! as far as the reviews iv come across all seems to be freebie reviews and all of them have stated heat issues so I’m still apprehensive if the product is as good as the marketing team 😀

    1. Hi Poornima, No, quality wise I haven’t noticed any issues. But the heat bit is the same. The food stays warm not piping hot. My son mentioned that for the short break the food was hotter compared to what it was at lunch break. I think it will work if you pack the tiffin say at 9 or 9.30 and then food is consumed within 3 hours. In my case, I pack earlier and hence the heat retention is not that great.

  9. It’s of no use for office goers….. food doesn’t at all keep warm….even customer care doesnt respond …. complete waste of money

    1. Food remains hot based on how it was put. My wife usually packs it directly from the cooking vessel. When my maid packs my lunch she has the habit of cooling the food by putting it another vessel and then after a while transferring it to my lunchbox thinking there would be a microwave in office (probably). So it depends on how you put it.

  10. Why Indian products are not made as per international quality when they charge for product which we expect to meet our expectations if company says food will remain hot for 6 hours then why fool people by wrong commitment it’s seems we always blame Chinese products but nowadays they are also very strict in quality standards…

      1. Hi rachna.I ordered from last 11 days but still not get my order…I don’t know tyffyn will good or not…but delivery is not good.

  11. I would like to order a 1000ml one…but pls tell me if I will get atleast 2 inner box with partication…?? Or all the three are with partication

  12. Dear sir,
    I m totally unsatisfied by yr tiffin box. Totally cheating. Chinese product. Become useless within hardly one month of delivery. Poor plastic quality. Plastic ring over tiffin break easily. Poor lock system, many time food wasted due to fall, and my kid remained hungry.
    Kindly improve yr products or stop selling.

  13. Hi,naren varma is here. I was having some locking issue about this tiffin. Contacted with customer care. Nice n positive response from them. Got a new piece with replacement. Nice product. (But it should not be made in China) . Thank vaya n team.

  14. i am liking this lunch box, just a concern if same can be clarified please, the lids are of plastic and hot prepared food once kept in the steel bowl and with lid will again expose food to plastic which is harmful, how can that be overcome?

    1. Hello Vibha,
      The lids are made of shatter-proof durable and BPA free plastic that is approved by the The Food and Drug Administration. BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, an estrogen-imitating chemical used to produce reusable plastic products which can leach from containers into beverages and foods and pose a potential health risk. Our lids are free from that. All our parts are made to be RoHS (The Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and SVHC (A substance of very high concern) compliant. They are also compliant with latest European standards.

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