Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml. User Review

Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml. User Review

After taking the market by storm with its launch of premium Vaya Tyffyns the likes of which the Indian market had not seen till then, Vaya has now launched its premium Tyffyn 600 ml. variant recently. Sleek and stylish, like the original 1000 ml. Tyffyn, this one has a few feature modifications and retains the sleek, good looks of the original that Vaya is now synonymous with. Do read my review of the original Vaya Tyffyn here.

So, I received the spanking new Vaya Tyffyn 600 in a beautiful cardboard packaging. It only comes with a carry mat cum bag as a part of the launch offer and not otherwise. It does look even swankier in its smaller avatar.

vaya tyffyn


It is available in Maple, Wool and Graphite just like the larger Tyffyn. This time I got the classy looking Graphite Tyfftn.

Here is my review of Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml.

What Worked for Me:

Lighter: If you remember, I had complained about the heavier weight of original Tyffyn. Vaya has worked on that. The Tyffyn now has two containers each of 300 ml. capacity and does feel noticeably lighter.

Vaya Tyffyn 600

Perfect for the Young Ones: It is perfect for carrying snacks/lunch for your children, young adults or even for carrying snacks or light lunch for yourself. Its lightweight body is quite easy for the kids to carry.

Good Thoughtful Touches: The containers are still made of stainless steel with gleaming copper finish and spill-proof plastic lids. The groove on the lid that helps you pull it out is an improvement on the previous design and comes out easily. Definitely a big thumbs up for that.

Vaya Tyffyn 600

New Welcome Detail: The containers now have handy partitions that help you pack in more variety. Chutney and sambar can now be packed in along with idlis or dosas even in 2 containers. These partitions do not allow contents from one side to seep onto the other side.

Vaya Tyffyn 600

The Good Parts are Retained: Vaya Tyffyn is all about quality. Hence the high-quality side clasps are sturdy and leak proof. The handle of the Tyffyn niftily folds into a groove on the top. The outer case is made of strong stainless steel with inner copper lining that provides a good exterior to hold in the heat to keep your food warm even after 4-5 hours.

Vaya Tyffyn 600

Cardboard Packaging: I liked the neat and environment-friendly cardboard box that the Tyffyn comes in. No frills, sensible packaging.

What Can be Better:

Vaya Tyffyn 600

BagMat in Regular Orders: This BagMat is not only stylish but very useful as well. It has a space for cutlery and napkin and can open out into a mat that is very convenient for children. In its absence, I have to pack in the Tyffyn 600 ml. in another lunch bag and pack in the spoon and fork separately. A bit of an inconvenience. Also, kids prefer to carry their tiffin boxes in a lunch bag slung on their shoulder. We all know how they can easily misplace things carried in their hands. Hence this bag mat must really be included in the order along with the Tyffyn.

The BagMat can, however, be ordered separately on their website.

Suitable for One Meal: This Tyffyn can handle one meal at best. Since I have to pack two tiffin boxes for my children (for short break and lunch break), I will either need to use larger Vaya Tyffyn or send an additional lunch box (which makes no sense). So yes, I am trying to figure that part out.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product. Vaya continues to innovate with design and the quality of its product is superior to anything else that is there in the market. It keeps the food warm for the children and is quite easy to use even for those in 4th – 5th grade.

You can order your Vaya Tyffyn 600 on Amazon. It comes with 1-year warranty and is priced at Rs. 1990

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Disclosure: I was given a complimentary Tyffyn 600 ml. All opinions in this review are honest and my own. The post contains affiliate links to Amazon which means that I get a small commission if you choose to buy using the link. This will be at no added cost to you. In case you do, I thank you for your support.

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16 thoughts on “Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml. User Review

  1. This is something that I must get for KG. I liked that it can keep the meal warm for upto 4-5 hours. It being leak proof is ideal for gravies and curd. BagMat is a cool addition. Checking the website right away.

    1. Yes, you must try it. The elder son is taking it to school and he quite likes that he gets to eat warm food now.The food does not leak either. 🙂

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