Dining Out in a World of Indulgence

Dining Out in a World of Indulgence

Eating out is something that my family and I guess every family enjoys thoroughly. Indulging in carefully prepared food with exclusive ingredients, where attention is paid to every fine detail, is akin to so-called ‘foodie-bliss’. Today, I am going to share with you my favourite dining haunts that have left a mark on my palate and mind.


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This upscale eatery at MG Road in Bangalore, even though a small place serves Indian food that is delectable. To stick out for one favourite dish would be a big stretch here. The Tandoori paneer tikka though mundane is done beautifully here. It is perfectly spiced with soft and perfect texture. I thoroughly enjoyed their methi fish curry with thick seer fish slices and a finger-licking gravy. Mix it with rice, close your eyes to savour the hit of methi with the gentle sweetness of fresh fish. And if you are a sarson-ka-saag fan, you just can’t miss it with makki ki roti and white butter here. It will transport you to the roadside dhabas of Punjab. A bit expensive but the food and its quality completely justifies it.


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If Mughlai food makes your heart sing, then Khyber will create an exclusive symphony for you. Its tasteful décor is reminiscent of the Mughal era and complements the courteous service. The chicken tangdi kebabs were done perfectly. The meat was just the right moist, perfectly cooked with the the correct balance of spices. Chicken rara and Chicken makhanwala that you must have had in multiple places are quite delightful here. Simplicity and taste are things they score high on.


Source: CNN Travel
Source: CNN Travel

If seafood is your calling, especially Mangalore style, then a visit to Trishna will show you what a lovelier world is all about. I can rave on and on about the dishes here. Prawn Koliwada – crispy, hot, lip-smacking tasty. You have to order this one. If you are a crab lover just like me, try it in any form and you will love it. The sweet taste of fresh crab meat will have you licking your fingers in delight. Done just perfectly, you will be left asking for more.

Try their gravies, especially recommended is fish gassi. And of course, that solkadi that calms down all the spices. You will love it here.

Smoke House Deli

Source: Live in Style
Source: Live in Style

This eatery in Bangalore has a lovely ambience. Simple white walls with interesting hand-painted caricatures that provide an exclusive allure. The food is spectacular here. Everything I tasted here was fantastic. There was adequate thought given to curate the best flavours from freshest ingredients. You can choose your own pasta and risotto dishes by mixing and matching them. I enjoyed their mushroom and smoked chicken fettuccine that was beautifully plated and the smoky flavour perfectly complemented the pasta. The wild mushroom risotto will leave you ecstatic. If you have room left for dessert, both white chocolate crème brûlée and tiramisu are outstanding choices. Conversation ceases when the food is this good. Good that my husband took me here. I would love to go back.

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