Metabolic Health Markers – What You Should Know?

Metabolic Health Markers – What You Should Know?

Metabolism is a term that has been in the limelight a lot these days. Since a lot of us are concerned with weight management, metabolism is what we equate with how many calories our body burns. In reality, that is only a part of what metabolism is. Metabolism is every chemical process of every cell in the body.

metabolic health markers

So metabolic health refers to the function of every cell in your body. Only when the cells function optimally can we expect to have proper endocrine function that leads to adequate secretion of hormones and good metabolic health. Metabolic health combines organs, hormones and enzymes working well together. Any dysfunction can cause a metabolic disorder adversely affecting your body. Good metabolic health is regulated by exercise, nutritionally balanced diet that gives your body adequate energy, good sleep and sunshine. You can achieve good metabolic health by looking at your body in a holistic manner instead of just counting calories.

Metabolic health markers measure whether the different systems in your body are working optimally.

Common metabolic risk factors are:

  1. Obesity/large waistline
  2. High Triglycerides in your blood
  3. Low HDL
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. High Fasting Blood Sugar

By doing regular health checks, you can catch any problems in your body and do something to bring your parameters back to normal.

Here’s what I do for my family:

Exercise: Right from the adults to the kids and the dog, everyone exercises daily. Our bodies are machines that stay well oiled only when they are used regularly. As we age, our metabolism slows down. It is imperative to include weight-bearing exercise along with cardio to help exercise muscles, joints, organs as well as maintain bone health. Exercise helps our kids grow to their potential.

Diet: A balanced nutritious diet is of utmost importance. It goes hand in hand with exercise. Eat smaller meals spread throughout the day. Let each meal have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, minerals and fats. Fats are essential to assimilate certain vitamins and minerals and are important for us. Don’t shirk them. Just have them in moderation. It is also important to use good quality oils while cooking.  MUFA (mono-unsaturated fatty acids) oil are good for your health. Olive oil has high MUFA > 75%. They help reduce the bad LDL in your blood, whereas, they maintain the good HDL. They are also considered better for diabetics as they improve insulin and blood sugar control. They are plant-based oils egs. olive oil, etc. I regularly use olive oil-extra light for my stir fries, sautéing and xtra virgin olive oil for that burst of flavor and nutrition in my salads. Leonardo olive oil is a brand of choice for me as they are high quality and high in flavor and nutrition.

Limit empty calorie consumption: Food is much more than calories. Make sure that you make every calorie that you ingest count. I avoid processed food as much as possible. I cook regularly at home and incorporate whole grains, fresh veggies, legumes, pulses, fruits, eggs and meat in my family’s diet. I do not stock chips, biscuits, colas etc. and only buy them as treats once in a while. You are what you eat. Eating well will have a great effect on your body, skin and health.

Incorporate the lifestyle changes I have mentioned above to lead a life where your metabolic health stays good giving you enough energy for your daily activities and helping you maintain a healthy weight and a disease-free body. #IChooseHealth

Share what you do for maintaining good metabolic health for yourself and your family.

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14 thoughts on “Metabolic Health Markers – What You Should Know?

    1. Thanks, Tulika. Doing away with processed foods is really important in today’s times and also keeping the kids away from junk.

  1. That’s an informative post Rachna! They said the Indian diet has all good things – we eat dal, sabzi and roti. Protein, fibres and irons Carb in that order. All we need is exercise and eating right.

    1. True that, Payal. We have a very complete diet though some people may go overboard on loading up on carbs like rice. We just need to have a balanced meal and also eat moderately along with exercising. We already consume so many complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains.

  2. We often neglect the effect of empty calories and then wonder why our diet regimen isn’t working. I saw positive changes when I gave up sugar completely and all white foods, incl white flour and white rice partially 6 months ago. Lovely post, Rachna.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

    1. So true, Shubhangi. No amount of exercise will work if we don’t incorporate clean eating. Kudos for the discipline in your food habits. Thanks for reading.

  3. Thanks for sharing such valuable info, Rachna. A balanced diet and exercise can certainly help live a better more positive life. And as I’ve just started it, I’ll keep coming back for more motivation

    1. I am glad that you are working on a balanced diet and exercise. I think it reaps rich returns for all of us. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I loved how you provided examples from your life… It’s very inspiring to read and also motivates me to be mindful of what I eat. In this age of desk jobs and fast food, it is essential to take care of diet and exercise. Your post is a gentle reminder to do the same.

    1. Thanks, Raj. The strange part is that most of us are just focussed on getting thin without caring much about the balance in our nutrition and regular exercise. No wonder lifestyle diseases are on the rise.

  5. This post carries more weightage as you walk the talk, Rachna. Be it through your healthy cooking , balanced diet or exercising.
    I love how you’ve explained important points in a simple and sensible manner.
    Thanks for sharing.

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