Here’s to a Stronger 2018 #EnsureAStronger2018

Here’s to a Stronger 2018 #EnsureAStronger2018

As many of you are aware, I exercise regularly and also try to cook healthy, home-cooked meals that are nutritionally balanced. I am also conscious of the fact that I require supplements to provide me a good mix of proteins and vitamins so that I feel energetic and healthy. Remember the Vitamin D3 deficiency that I spoke about in my earlier posts. Ageing has its own challenges and while we aim to work-out and eat right, it is important to keep our bodies nourished.

As I entered middle age, I started to experience lower energy, despite eating good quality food. This was accompanied by muscle and joint pain. While I was eating the same and perhaps exercising more, I was still gaining weight and felt low on energy by evening. The reason for this could be a slowdown in metabolism, bone mass reduction as well as hormonal fluctuations which are common as you grow older. This is when I realized that there was a perceptible difference in how my body absorbed nutrients. This not only affected my stamina and energy levels, but I started to feel drained by the end of the day, which made me very cranky and impatient.


Recently I came across this website which encouraged me to take a pledge to #EnsureAStronger2018 I pledged to continue my fitness journey in 2018 by taking up Yoga to maintain the flexibility in my joints and include Ensure in my diet to make up for the nutrition deficit my body is experiencing.

Ensure, a nutritional supplement by Abbott is the No. 1 Doctor recommended brand worldwide for adult nutrition. It provides all essential food groups that your body needs as it ages as well as the strength and mobility to help you stay strong and healthy. Ensure with its nutri-strength complex provide adults with proteins, calcium, vitamin D and 28 other nutrients that could be missing from your diet and keep you nutritionally sufficient with enough energy to face the day. You can order Ensure from Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket.  Go ahead and #EnsureAStronger2018


This post is done in collaboration with Abbott nutrition. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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7 thoughts on “Here’s to a Stronger 2018 #EnsureAStronger2018

  1. I keep making resolutions n fitness is always a part of it. Somehow within few days I get bored n it’s off. But 2018 i will make sure to do some wo atleast 30 mins..

  2. Need to work on a conscious food chart, although I don’t junk as much as I used to. Can definitely consider the idea of vitamins and nutritional supplements. Your fitness is legendary 🙂

  3. Oh this is valuable reminder of that health checkup. While I’ve managed to make a start on all my 2018 promises, that remains to be done. I’ve experienced the same drop in energy and how exercise just doesn’t seem to make a dent in the weight oh and also the constant joint pain! Hope to see the doc soonest.

  4. I recently embraced the healthy life and cannot be more happier. While I do workout at home and eat healthy, I sometimes exhaust myself by evening. Ensure might help me evade that.

    Thank you for letting me know about it and yes, you are such an inspiration!

    1. I have noticed the difference since I started on supplements. I had a few very trying months when the fatigue was driving me nuts. I agree healthier life is happier. 😊

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