4 Important Reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

by Rachna
skip breakfast

Woke up at 6 am. After freshening up, rushed downstairs to heat milk and prepare food for lunchboxes. It is almost 7.30 or 8 am by the time she has her cup of coffee or tea. Breakfast is nowhere in sight.

This is what the morning looks like for most mothers.

Woke up late and spent a lot of time in getting ready. Sat and stared at the breakfast and ended up either not eating anything or just rushing out after downing a glass of milk.

This is how a lot of kids rush to school on almost empty stomachs.

Woke up and spent time reading the newspaper, having coffee or tea and getting dressed for work. Most days leaving without having any breakfast. Maybe grabbing a fruit for the commute.

This is what most working professionals do.

All are pretty dismaying scenarios because, in each one of them, we are heading out for the day with an empty fuel tank. That’s right! After a fast of entire night, breakfast is a meal that is absolutely essential for all of us, no matter what your age group. You can’t make up for a missed breakfast and your body will feel the repercussions of this decision of yours.

Modern lifestyles are always based of tight routines with almost negligible time for self-care. Breakfast is one of the integral steps in maintaining a healthy eating pattern and your health. If you think, you don’t always have time to prepare breakfast – pick up a pack of breakfast cereal and keep it at home. A bowl of cereals like Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with adequate milk can fulfill a significant part of your nutrient requirements, including essential vitamins like Folic Acid.

Let’s see 4 important reasons why you should never skip breakfast:

Affects mood and stamina

If you head out without eating a nutritionally balanced breakfast like cereal with milk and fruit, poha with peanuts, whole wheat cheese and veg sandwich, veg omelette and toast etc. you are depriving your body of the fuel it needs to kick start the day. Breakfast must be the heaviest meal of the day for you and you must have it within an hour or hour and a half of waking up. You will also find yourself low on energy, cranky and yearning food if you don’t eat nutritionally-balanced breakfast in the morning. You can always head for a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with milk/curd and some fruits to start your day with the right burst of energy.

skip breakfast

Helps weight management

In case you are trying to manage your body weight, you have to eat breakfast regularly. Your body if not refuelled regularly drops its metabolism to survive long periods of no food. Hence not eating breakfast is counterproductive and will wreck your weight management goals and actually make you gain weight.

You can try the Special K Protein and Fibre or the Kellogg’s All-Bran Wheat Flakes for a protein and fibre rich breakfast.

Combats Lifestyle Diseases:

Skipping breakfast on a regular basis along with an inactive and unhealthy lifestyle may predispose you to some lifestyle diseases like obesity, Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and so on. Remember that nutrients skipped at breakfast cannot be compensated at other meals. Fortified breakfast cereals like Kellogg’s and other Indian breakfasts like poha are our daily source of essential minerals like Iron, B group vitamins and much more.

Eating a substantial breakfast in the morning makes you feel less hungry at lunch and less prone to eating high fat and sugary foods. Having a good breakfast with enough protein and carbohydrates fills you up and provides energy to start the day.

skip breakfast

Better Memory Performance and Attention

Studies show that children who eat breakfast have improved memory performance, attention, ability in problem solving and better comprehension during reading and listening.   I ensure that my children get their breakfast regularly. A bowl of cornflakes with milk, nuts, fruit and honey for breakfast on most school days is a nourishing, quick and convenient option. I myself turn to it on many mornings especially when I am in a rush.

So now you know that breakfast is essential to maintaining good health. Give yourself and your family a good start to the day by having a nourishing breakfast. This national nutrition month, pledge to #Breakthehabit of skipping breakfast and make sure every single morning is as energized as it should be!

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Disclaimer: This post is done in association with Kellogg’s India. The thoughts are completely honest and mine.

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Priya -

I never miss breakfast, come what may and Kellogs cornflakes are a mainstay of our breakfast.

Shruti Acharya -

I have never skipped my breakfast in my life. Some good points you shared there.

writershilpa -

I can’t imagine skipping breakfast, ever! RIght since I was in college I have been particular about having a queen size breakfast before leaving home. And, in fact, I have always needed two breakfasts, because my midmorning, I am hungry again! So, I just begin my day eating, and spend the rest of the day doing the same thing! EAT! 🙂 But, it sure feels good! Less cranky, more alert.

Kala Ravi -

Totally agree! No compromising on breakfast. Even when pressed for time I ensure I pack stuff I can eat on the move. Fruits and cereal are the easiest and best!

Reema D'souza -

I never skip breakfast because I just can’t go on with the day without having something nutritious to eat!

Vinitha -

Growing up I never used to have breakfast! It continued that way till I was 14 or 15. Now I don’t skip breakfast as skipping breakfast leaves me with no energy and invites migraine. I make sure my kids to have something solid for breakfast too. Husband is the one who gets away with skipping the most important meal of the day! 🙂

Raksha Kamat -

I never skip breakfast. Its an important meal

Soumya Prasad -

Earlier, I used to skip breakfast too. A few years ago I realized the importance of it and since then I never miss breakfast. It helps in weight control and sets the tone for the whole day.

Kelloggs cornflakes and muesli has been a important part of my breakfast plans. I have it at least twice a week with milk or yogurt.

smitha kalluraya -

Completely agree with you .. breakfast is such an important meal and never be skipped

Ritcha Verma -

I am being very particular about my breakfast now!



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