Homemade Besan laddoos!

Homemade Besan laddoos!

besan laddoos
Homemade besan laddoos


I love besan laddoos and so do my children. Though they are simple to make, but they do require slow roasting of besan (gram flour) that needs some slogging on the stove so I try to avoid making it :). But what the hell! Diwali is here. So I got in the fervor and made a fairly large batch day before yesterday. The kids have been hogging them like crazy. Here is my simple recipe:

Time taken: 45 minutes including time to roast flour and form laddoos

Laddos made: 30+ medium size


Besan (gram flour): 3 cups

Ghee (clarified butter): 1 cup

Powdered sugar: 1.5 cups or less depending upon how sweet you like your laddoos to be

Chopped nuts: a few ( I used cashews and almonds; you can use just about anything you like)

Recipe: Take a thick bottomed wok or kadhai. Heat it and dry roast gram flour in it for 10-15 minutes on very low flame. You have to constantly stir the flour and ensure that it does not get burnt. There is no way you can hasten this process, when the flour is more than half cooked, it will start changing color. Add in the the ghee and mix thoroughly with the flour. It will form a crumbly mix. Keep roasting the mix for another 10 minutes till the flour becomes dark golden or brownish. If you don’t brown it enough, the laddoo will have an awful taste of raw besan, so brown it really well and uniform. It gives off a very inviting smell when done. Now take it off the heat.

Add in the powdered sugar and mix well along with the chopped nuts. It will be difficult to form laddoos when the mix is hot. So, allow it to cool down enough for you to handle the mix. It must be warm or else the laddoos will not form. Now, form each laddoo with your hands. Store them in an airtight jar and consume as needed. Made at home with pure ingredients, these laddoos are a powerhouse of taste and goodness! Remember never to add sugar while roasting the mix, it will completely spoil the laddoos. Always add them after taking the mix off the flame. If interested you could powder a few cardamoms and add for extra flavor! Enjoy your laddoos and Happy Diwali!


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