Raw mango chutney/Ambiya ki chutney

Raw mango chutney/Ambiya ki chutney

Mango chutney

Raw mango is a delightful fixture in most Indian kitchens in summer. This simple raw mango chutney is tangy, spicy and delicious. I normally make a large lot which stays in the fridge. Have it with your lunch or dinner or along with your snacks or breakfast. It is versatile and goes with a lot of things. It is quite yummy in bread sandwiches too. It hardly needs about 5 minutes to prepare including the peeling and chopping work. In summer, the mint and the raw mango help to keep the body cool.


1 raw mango (it must be firm)

3-4 green chillies (less or more as per taste)

a few sprigs coriander leaves

a few sprigs mint leaves

3-4 cloves garlic (optional)

salt about 1 tsp. or as per taste

a pinch of sugar


Mango chutney

Peel the raw mango and chop it roughly into pieces. Wash the coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chillies. Chop them coarsely. Take all the ingredients in the blender. Add just about 1-2 tbsp. of water.

Mango chutney

I don’t like my chutneys runny but if you do you can add more water. Now blend till blended well. If you have the old-fashioned sil batta or grinding stone then use it. The chutney is way tastier when prepared on that.

Take it out in a bowl and serve with your favorite tikkis, wadas, fries etc.

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12 thoughts on “Raw mango chutney/Ambiya ki chutney

  1. Oh, this sounds so yummy. Will definitely try this.
    I make two kinds of chutney pretty much every week – coconut and mint-coriander chutney (without the raw mango), and in sufficient quantities to enjoy with pretty much every meal 🙂 I generally use amla or amchoor to give the chutney more tangy taste. Big fan of chutneys, because of the way they spruce up a simple meal or a simple sandwich.

    1. Hope you enjoy the chutney. I have another recipe for raw mangoes just below this post. That is aam panna. That is a lovely, refreshing drink for summer. But this chutney with its tangy heat is just bliss. 🙂

  2. Just done gulping the last morsel of that Rachna 🙂
    Love it for the smell of mint and that khatta taste of ambiya..Its my first visit here on your cooking blog .I’ll definitely spend more time here some day 🙂
    .. and sorry for this gap dear..A real tough phase with kids at home and network giving problems…’ vacation’ is getting synonyms with ‘ piling up’ of things!:(
    Hope you’ll understand and be patient and as loving as you already are 🙂

    1. Arre, no issues dear. I have been offline for entire April so far myself. Vacation and kids at home. Don’t worry. 🙂 Always love hearing from you. Take care.

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