Step-by-step Recipe of Nimbu Ka Achaar I Lemon Pickle I Lime Pickle

Step-by-step Recipe of Nimbu Ka Achaar I Lemon Pickle I Lime Pickle

nimbu ka achaar

A few days ago, I got a bounty of freshly picked juicy lemons from my mother-in-law’s tree. With a good over 2 Kg. quantity that I received, I decided to pickle the limes two ways — a savoury-tart pickle and a sweet sour pickle. In this post, I will share the savoury recipe. It is so simple that even a child can make it. Really! It has no oil, is versatile and has very few ingredients and steps. Itย is delicious with food.

So let’s go for the recipe:


14 lemons/lime (About 800 gms.) I used the yellow ripe lemons

1/4th cup salt

3 tbsp. black salt

3 tbsp. red chilly powder

1 tbsp. turmeric powder

1 tbsp. ย ajwain (carrom seeds)

About 10 green chillies (100 gm.) cut into large pieces

2 inch of ginger julienned (cut into strips)


Wash and dry the lemons.

nimbu ka achaar

Cut them into halves, quarters or eight parts as I did. Remove the seeds.

nimbu ka achaar

Now take a large pan. Add in the salts, chilly powder, carrom seeds and turmeric and mix well.

nimbu ka achaar

Now add in the chopped chillies and ginger. You can skip these if you want a plain lime pickle or nimbu ka achaar.

nimbu ka achaar

Mix all the ingredients together and add to a clean and dry pickle jar. Use glass or ceramic barnis (jars). Sterilize with some hot water and dry in the sun if possible.

Now comes the maturing part. You will need to keep this glass jar out in the sun from morning to evening during sunlight hours. Shake it well everyday and remember to take it inside during the night.

I needed about 7 days in the sun for the lemon pickle to mature and for the peel to soften. The pickle will reduce in quantity as the water comes out of lemons.

Mix well and it is ready to eat.

nimbu ka achaar

Tip: The pickle will keep maturing over the days. You can keep this pickle for a year if it lasts that long. Since this pickle has no oil and no preservatives, ensure that you only put in a dry spoon and do not allow any moisture to get in.

It will make a great side dish to your food. Did you know that nimbu ka achar is great for your digestion and if you are recuperating after a sickness, it helps to restore the taste back to your palate.

Simple, wasn’t it? Try it and let me know how it went. Do also read the recipe of the khatta meetha nimbu ka achaar.

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  1. Love the colour of the achaar! I have never made achaars at home, this one is a small batch size recipe, so will try it out. Thanks for sharing, Rachna!

  2. I have seen getting this made at home by my grandmother and this used to be one of the fav pickles of the home. There used to be another one where the lemons used to be sun dried completely. Will try this

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