Methi Thepla | Methi Paratha | Methi Na Thepla Recipe

Methi Thepla | Methi Paratha | Methi Na Thepla Recipe

Methi thepla or fenugreek paratha is a favourite of mine and is made regularly at home. When I was in my second year of MBA, I lived as a paying guest with a very affectionate Gujarati lady in Bombay who made some delectable food. Most of my friends in MBA class were also Gujarati and I got the taste of the best of their cuisine in their homes. Hence, I have a special spot for Gujarati food. Thepla is a great dish to carry with you for excursions or trips as it does not spoil even at room temperature for 2-3 days. Have it with a curry, curd or just pickle, it is delicious.

methi thepla

Here is my recipe of methi thepla for you:


1 cup wholewheat flour

¼ cup besan (gram) flour

¼ cup bajra (pearl millet) flour

1 cup methi leaves (fenugreek leaves)

1 tsp. turmeric powder

1 tsp. chilly powder

1 tsp. coriander powder

½ tsp. cumin powder

½ tsp. ajwain (carom) seeds

1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste

2 green chillies finely chopped

½ cup curd

salt to taste

Oil to roast


Mix the wholewheat, besan and bajra flours together. Add in the methi leaves, all the spices, ginger-garlic paste, chopped chillies and salt and mix well. Now knead a soft dough using curd. Add water only if needed. Keep the dough aside for about 15 minutes.

Now, roll out the dough to form a disc. Roast it on tava/griddle using a little oil on both sides. Cook till brown spots appear. Serve hot or at room temperature with chutney or pickle or with a curry as per your taste. Enjoy. It’s really tasty and very nutritious as well. Works very well in the children’s lunchboxes too.


The thepla dough will keep in the fridge for 4-5 days.

You can skip the curd but it helps to reduce the bitterness of methi leaves.

Use only the leaves and avoid the stalks.


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16 thoughts on “Methi Thepla | Methi Paratha | Methi Na Thepla Recipe

  1. Ah ha! Finally a recipe I am both familiar with and love to make/eat 😉 I love theplas. My mom taught me how to make them and you’re so right about them being the best things to carry on a journey. They don’t spoil at all and taste great even if cold. So much goodness in our Indian cuisine, no?

    Interesting that you’ve used besan and bajra. I use only atta. Must try the besan/bajra combo and see if the taste is different. Nice pictures as always 🙂

    1. It does taste better with besan and bajra. Gujaratis use bajra regularly in their theplas. I am sure you will like trying this variation. 🙂

  2. Lovely Yummy THeplas… They are perfect for train travels!!!! Frankly I have never really attempted them myself, but have had them in a friends home and I simply loved it. She had served w=it with a delicious chillie pickle!

    1. Yep, traditionally they are had with chhundo or the sweet mango pickle but any pickle tastes great with them. You should try making them. They are really simple.

  3. This is a nice and healthy way of making it. I saute the methi greens with salt, turmeric, green chillies and ginger and mix it to multigrain aata and knead it with water only. I love it this way, but your version sounds so much healthier. I’ll be trying this recipe the next time I get my hands on some methi.

    Thanks Rachna. Can you include more recipes with millets here? I’d follow each one of it I promise 🙂

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