Simplest Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

Simplest Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

Aam Panna

One of the saving graces of the hot summer months in India is aam or mango. Our country is blessed with an amazing variety of mangoes. I have enjoyed Dussehri, safeda, langda, chausa in the North, Alphonso and Kesar in the West and Banganpally, Neelam, Malgoba, Mallika and so many others here in the South. Each one spectacular and lip smackingly yummy. But before the ripe mangoes arrive, we get the bounty of raw mangoes. Raw mangoes are consumed in many fabulous forms in our country. Raw mango chutney or ambiya ki chutney was made all through summer in my home. Raw mango was also used to make sour dal that was tangy and yummy.

Today, I am going to share a really simple Aam Panna or Raw mango cooler drink recipe. This drink we enjoyed after we came to live in Bombay. You can make the concentrate and keep it in the fridge.


For 10 glasses

Firm, raw green mangoes 2 (Approx. 1/2 Kg.)

Jaggery powder 10-12 tbsp. or more depending upon taste

2 tsp. black salt

2 tsp. roasted cumin powder

Aam Panna


Boil the green mangoes in the pressure cooker till soft. Remove the pulp and discard the peel and seed. Mash the pulp nicely. If it is too fibrous, you may sieve it. Now add the jaggery powder. I love using jaggery as it is better than white sugar and I also had some good quality jaggery powder from Patanjali at home. You can easily substitute it with normal sugar. Because, I have used jaggery, you see the dark color of Panna. Else it is pale yellow in colour.

Now add jaggery powder or sugar to the raw mango pulp. Mix well till well dissolved. Add black salt and cumin powder. Use this concentrate to prepare Aam Panna. Just add about 2 tbsp. of concentrate and top up with water. Add sugar cubes. Serve chilled. This sweet sour mango cooler is tasty and also keeps your body cool in summers. You may also add soda instead of the water for a frizzy natural twist. This easily beats your colas both in nutrition and taste. Try it.

The concentrate keeps easily for about a week in the fridge. It does not last that long though.

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aam panna

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9 thoughts on “Simplest Aam Panna/ Raw Mango Cooler Recipe

  1. Sounds great for the hot weather. (Gosh! Isn’t namm ooru so hot today?!)
    I’ve never had this but unripe mango and jaggery seem really cool, rather than doing those sugary juices. I also like the idea of fizz in it. 😉

    1. It is really so hot these days. I give this to kids after play and have it after my walk. Sometimes I have buttermilk. Yep, the fizz makes it jazzy. 🙂

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